Jazz in the Urban Jungle

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We are a local jazz trio of close friends, who love the creative bonds we share through music. We've played all over the world to audiences big and not so big. What we love most is playing in an intimate space, inviting people inside the music and bringing them along for the ride with us. I am an outdoor adventurer and armchair philosopher who weaves life experiences into the music I write and r…
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Join a group of local music-lovers and fellow travelers in a funky warehouse hair salon and boutique gallery space, dripping with indoor jungle. And it's right in the heart of Sydney's most eclectic neighbourhood with a mix of artists, coffee hounds and foodies. In this intimate space you'll meet the musicians, have a complementary glass of champagne and then experience up close vibrant Australian…
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One champagne or red wine 󲀃
Non-alcoholic alternatives available.
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A Loft Story is wheelchair accessible from the street. We have around 32 seats, additional cushions and blankets for lounging in a heated space. Amazing food and drinks literally within stones throw.
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We'll be in "A Loft Story", the latest addition to Newtown's funky nightlife. Salon by day and gallery/performance space by night.
Jazz in the Urban Jungle
Järjestäjä: Tim
20€ per henkilö