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Spend a Luxury/Quiet Holiday at Log House!
Koko mökki · 5 vierasta · 5 vuodetta · 1 kylpyhuone

Spend a Luxury/Quiet Holiday at Log House!世界で2番目に降雪量が多いと言われるニセコリゾートの中でも、特に羊蹄山との位置関係からパウダースノーが降りやすいひらふエリアは、世界中のウィンタースポーツマニアから「パウダースノーの聖地」として大人気のスポット。そんなウィンタースポーツマニアにもお薦めのエリア、閑静な森「かばやま」にあるログハウスです。 かばやまは観光と自然に利便性が高いところにあります。冬はスキーやスノーボード、夏はラフティングやキャニオニングにサイクリングと、四季折々の緑豊かな気持ち良いニセコをお楽しみ下さい。 ニセコではコロナウィルスの発症者はほとんど出ていませんが、安全の為、全部屋消毒しています。 また当宿泊所は屋外でのみBBQが可能です。 ただしBBQをされる際は必ず火の元にはご注意ください。 ルールの詳細はリスティングに記載してあります。

Hiljainen talo metsässä
Koko asuintalo · 5 vierasta · 4 vuodetta · 1 kylpyhuone

Hiljainen talo metsässäSe on vanha talo huvilamaassa. Se on noin 10 minuutin ajomatkan päässä lähimmästä hiihtokeskuksesta, backcountry rinteillä ja Onsen (kuuma kevät). Rauhallisena aamuna tikka voi herätä, kun nukut pommiin. Sitä suositellaan matkailijoille, jotka haluavat nauttia Nisekon luonnosta kaukana kaupungin hälinästä. Ei ole julkista liikennettä, kuten paikallinen bussi, joten ole hyvä ja valmistele auto.

Tida House (Käsintehty olkipaalitalo!)
Ekotalo · 2 vierasta · 2 vuodetta · 1,5 kylpyhuonetta

Tida House (Käsintehty olkipaalitalo!)Olemme maaseudulla perunapeltojen ympäröimänä. Voit yöpyä itserakennetussa olkipaalitalossa. Meillä on kaksi yhden hengen vuodetta, ja erittäin yksinkertainen ruoanlaitto tilat, leivänpaahdin, mikroaaltouuni ja jääkaappi.

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  2. Harbin
  1. Koko vuokrattava yksikkö
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Huoneistostudio, josta on näköala Amoriin 22. kerroksesta
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Просторная 2-к. кв. с панорамным видом на город, рядом с городским парком
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[N100] Two-bedroom condo near Nusamai Bridge 1F
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Lux-studio RiM2
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Sweet Home studio keskellä
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Комфортная квартира в г. Хабаровск
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Tervetuloa pohjoisimpaan kohteeseen!!! Koko talo/Enintään 10 henkilöä/Ilmainen pysäköinti/Ilmainen Wi-Fi/Toisen henkilön jälkeen ¥ 3500
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Sea Side Stay
  1. Koko vuokrattava yksikkö
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Parhaat arviot saanutta tekemistä paikassa Far Eastern Federal District

Paikallisten asiantuntijoiden järjestämiä ainutlaatuisia aktiviteetteja, joiden laatu on tarkastettu

  • Vladivostok's sightseeing tour at night
    *都合の良い時間や日付が表示されない場合には、ご連絡下さい *나의 투어 시간표는 유동적이기 때문에 당신의 요구에 따라 조정할 수 있습니다. *我的旅行时间表很灵活,所以我可以根据您的要求进行调整 We will not just travel in the downtown to places which you can find by yourself, we will also go to places where tourists don't go. I will pick you up at any place that is convenient for you. Since it's a night tour we will begin our car tour in the evening thus avoiding traffic jams. We start from Tokarevskiy Lighthouse, which is a very romantic place by the sea where you can see many stars and constellations on a clear night :) our next destination is my first secret spot, from which you can admire the city at a unique angle that only very few tourists get to enjoy. Egles' nest observatory with its gorgeous view will be our next stop. After that we will proceed to my favorie secret spot from top of which you will have a gorgeous panoramic 360 degree view of Vladivostok. Mariinsky theatre is followed by a visit to this secret spot. The last place we will visit is called Tsesarevich Embankment, this place is know for being a beautiful place for a walk with its tranquil and amazing views. On our way to these placesI will be glad to make stops on your request and answer all your questions. When our trip is over I'll drop you off anywhere you ask me. Other things to note I offer certain discounts, ask me if you are interested.
    Alkaen Hinta:15€/henkilö
  • Sup Surfing - Discover Vladivostok!
    ***Dear guests, contact me if you do not see the availability of the right dates for you in calendar!*** We will go to one of the cozy bays of Russky Island. I will prepare boards, paddles and life jackets. Then i will Instruct all group and we will go for a walking together. SUP-walks are simple and accessible, everyone will master the technique in 5-10 minutes. Walking time 2- 2.5 hours. During the walk we will see and feel what we did not feel before. The feeling of balance on the water is unforgettable. We will spend SUP-walks along the picturesque bays of Primorye comfortably and safely. We'll take breaks If we want to take a rest or drink water. Other things to note Dear guests! We continue the season in October and November using comfortable neoprene wetsuits, waterproof shoes, neoprene socks and gloves if necessary. Just let us know the size of your shoes and your height, and we will select the hydro clothing for you in advance.
    Alkaen Hinta:42€/henkilö
  • Vladivostok's sightseeing tour on foot
    *나의 투어 시간표는 유동적이기 때문에 당신의 요구에 따라 조정할 수 있습니다. *我的旅行时间表很灵活,所以我可以根据您的要求进行调整 The price for this tour is final, there are no additional fees and it's not a booking cost. **The actual time of the tour is 10:00-13:00 so don't mind the calendar***Don't worry if you find the time of the tour unsuitable for you. Just message me and if I'm free at the time you want then we will have our tour at the time that suits you.* Frst of all, be ready to cover about 6-7 kilometers :) I'll meet you at the biggest fountain in the city's center and then walk you through many places some of which are of historical importances to Vladivsotok, some will let you see Vladivostok from beautiful vantage points while others combine both beauty and histroy. Do you want to know the history of the humble little ship called Krasniy Vimpel? Have you ever wondered where the only American embassy in the Russian Far East is? Maybe you want to see where we repair and refit our disel submarines? Interested in the military side of Vladivostok's history and want to see old Dalzavod's warehouses? Do you want to admire the biggest in the Russian Far East protestant and the beautiful catcholic churches? Then you've come to the right place. You will also have a chance to have a look at what used to be Vladivostok's outskirts with oldtraditional wooden houses.
    Alkaen Hinta:8€/henkilö
  • Russian cuisine, traditions and culture
    - We will meet you near our house in the center of Khabarovsk. In a beautiful and cozy apartment of the Russian family, you will learn how to cook a traditional Russian three-course dinner (optional): 1. Borsch or any Slavic soup / or cabbage rolls "Golubcy" / or Russian cutlets "Pozarskie" 2. Russian pancakes "Bliny"/ or Russian dumplings "Pelmeni"/ or Slavic cheesecakes 3. Russian cold appetizers: sauerkraut and pickles or canapes. - You will learn about the history of the dishes that will be cooked, hear traditional Russian music, and learn about the objects of traditional Russian life. - Lunch in friendly company. - Having prepared lunch, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday - we will show you a fun traditional Russian puppet show "Petrushka" (Punch). - Do it yourself Russian traditional amulet doll.
    Alkaen Hinta:38€/henkilö
  • Пельмени и борщ по бабушкиному рецепту
    Я вас встречу в центре города, и мы пойдем ко мне в гости, где я проведу для вас вечер с русским гостеприимством. В первую очередь на кухне мы приготовим мясо для наших будущих пельменей, затем тесто. И будем вместе и весело лепить пельмени. Пока пельмени варятся, мы пройдем в гостиную, где начнем ужин с первого блюда - традиционный русский борщ вприкуску с салом и черным хлебом или пампушкой. На второе блюдо - сделанные своими руками пельмени. Водка или пиво по желанию. Будет очень вкусно и весело! Другая важная информация Вы прекрасно и незабываемо проведете вечер со мной.
    Alkaen Hinta:21€/henkilö