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Miten saada hyviä Airbnb Plus -arvosteluja

Guests expect Airbnb Plus Hosts to afford them with top-level hospitality at properties that set the bar for style and comfort. To maintain Plus status, you need to sustain an average rating of 4.8 over the past year. Here’s how to set yourself up for top marks.

Good communication

Put guests at ease by staying in contact with them throughout their stay.

  • Easy check-in/checkout: Provide simple instructions, along with a self-check-in lockbox, smart lock, keypad, or someone on-call to let guests in when they arrive
  • Fast responses: A high response rate shows you’re willing to help
  • Details: Share local tips, directions, and FYIs about construction, unavailable amenities, and other things that might impact a stay
  • Personalized greetings: A warm welcome goes a long way—if someone can’t be there to greet guests in person, leave a note or send a message to make sure check-in went well
  • Guest manual: Include any additional info guests might need, like the wifi password, where to find cleaning supplies, etc.

Everyday essentials

Help guests settle in by equipping your place with basic amenities.

  • Household items: Make sure there’s enough toilet paper, garbage bags, and paper towels, etc. to last the entire stay, and store them somewhere that's easy to access
  • Basic ingredients: Supply items like oil, salt, and pepper to help guests make the most of the kitchen
  • Welcoming details: Provide thoughtful niceties like fresh-cut flowers, bottled water, or local treats
  • TV and movies: Access to entertainment services like Netflix, a DVD library, or a streaming device helps guests feel relaxed and at home

Clean and comfortable spaces

Keeping your place in good condition helps create a consistent experience for every guest.

  • Amenities in good condition: Keep appliances, door locks, faucets, and electronics in working order, and check hot tubs and grills to ensure they’re clean and functional before each stay
  • Table settings: Ensure there are enough dishes, cups, and utensils to accommodate the maximum number of guests
  • Spotless upkeep: Wash towels, sheets, and bedspreads well, and consider updating linens every 4–6 months to keep things fresh
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