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Henkilön Savannah käyttäjäprofiili
heinäkuuta 2018
Our stay had a lot of hiccups, from our check-in experience (because the address listed on Airbnb is different than the actual location, and Theofilos sent a screenshot of the address and not an actual location - resulting in an unnecessary, and VERY, expensive taxi fare and a lo…
Henkilön Theofilos käyttäjäprofiili
Vastaus käyttäjältä Theofilos:
Hi Savannah, I really apologize if all those matters that you mention on your review make your stay uncomfortable to my place . I just like to answer you in every single matter once that you did not let me know along your stay . 1) The location listed in airbnb is St.Stefanos like a general area and where we belong as an accommodation and is totaly the correct location on the map of Mykonos island ( Other guests did not have any issue of finding my place and follow the map of Air bNb and (Hidden by Airbnb) maps, If there was a problem as you said , belive me no one find my place ) . I also send you before you arrive in Greece with the location and explanations to arrive. 2) Taxi fares in Mykonos island are expensive. They have fix prices and this is something that someone knows when coming to the island and there was nothing to do with me and our place , there was also an available bus to come to our place . 3) Kitchens nowhere in the world contains super market supply apart if you notice for some special requirements . There is equipment for someone to cook ( That is what we call fully equipped kitchen , not with food supplies !!!!! ) and as I recall I gave you instructions via sms with the map with the mini market located near the apartment . 4) At whitch point my communication was awful and irritating? Really sorry did not realize that at any point of our few meetings. Letting you check in 6 hours before and asking you if you need any assistance and help you, find a transfer to take you to the port ? Check in is at 14.00 and I accepted you to check in before - 6 hours before to be exact - without extra charge , in order not to wait by the street as your flight was early in the morning . I was waiting for you at 8.00 in the morning and you arrived at 9.00 , even if I was explained you before that I have to go to work at 09:00 and you have to be there a head of a time before 09:00 as your flight was really early in the morning . Finally I was late to my work in order to wait for you and have a early check in , than to wait till 14:00 when was the proper check in time . 5) The matter of the bed and furniture is your opinion and I respect that , but as you saw from all areas , the house is just came from fully renovation , and all the furniture and kitchen, bathroom, are totaly new !!! 6) The electricity went out on the whole area of St. Stefanos beach in Mykonos (Unfortunately this is usual for Mykonos, every summer in different parts of the island )- it was not something that I could do about it or I did not cause it !!!! and yes my mother brought you candles. Was the best I can do at that time in order to feel more comfortable!!! I can not understand why is that bad !!!! 7) Truth is I did called you for my keys, I lost them that day so I dont think it was so bad or annoying to call you and ask you about that when I was finish my job from 09:00 in the morning. I suppose that I left them there around the morning , while I was waiting for your check in !!!!! 8) I was messaging you (what you mean all the time ???) from time to time in order to see if everything was ok and if there were something that you need . Really sorry for that , I am always checking if my guests are ok and if they need something, from the moment that there is no office/reception etc. Thank you very much for your stay once again and really sorry for the inconvenience that maybe I cause to you , other guests appreciate my interest.
heinäkuuta 2018

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Henkilön Theofilos käyttäjäprofiili
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