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HOYO東京Shibuya#401/10min from Shibuya Station

Shibuya, Tokio, Japani
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Erinomaista vieraanvaraisuutta
7 viimeaikaista vierasta kehui majoittajaa Yasu erinomaisesta vieraanvaraisuudesta.
I am taking lease vacation with government approval.
I hope that you can travel safely in Tokyo.
Currently, this apartment has 13 rooms.

Shibuya station is a 10-minute walk.
Many young people gather and constantly spreading Japanese cutting-edge music culture, which is convenient for access to subculture Harajuku and famous tourist spots "scramble intersection".
Various events such as spring cherry blossoms view, fall Halloween etc will be held.

Let's stay in Shibuya, the amazing city and the best place to explore Tokyo.
It's easy access to everywhere you wanna visit by 9 trains and many kinds of buses fr1om Shibuya station.
And There is an emergency hospital near my room.
My room takes 9 min walk to the Hachiko exit of the Shibuya station.

-Single beds ×2
- Air conditioner
- Wash machine
- Kitchen
- Refrigerator
- Microwave

- Clean bath towels
- Tableware (glasses)
- Shampoo, Body soap, Conditioner
- Electric kettle
- Vacuum cleaner
- Dustbox
- Outlet equipped with USB charge
- Hair dryer
- Watch
- TV
- Clothes hanger

About The building
- We have an elevator in our building, so no need to climb stairs.

Vieraan pääsy
You will have access to the entire room and everywhre inside of the room.

Muuta huomioitavaa
About contact to me
- I'm working from a morning to night every day, but please feel free to ask me by the message function of Airbnb.

About my room

- It is one of the pleasure while traveling to eat a delicious food.
There are many restaurants where a good food is eaten in Tokyo.
So cookware isn't put in the room.
-It is a shower room. There is no bathtub.
-I need to check the passport for all of the guests after checking in according to the new laws of Japan. Please cooperate.

- The whole building is using enhance earthquake resistant construction.
- The building entrance is locked automatically.

Tourist Information
Experience Japanese culture
- Shop try out the Lolita fashion (Location : Harajyuku)
- Try your hand at ancient Japanese skills
- Edo Furin (Location: Inaricho )
- Edo Kiriko ( Location: Kinishicho )
- Kimekomi dolls (Location: Oshiage )
- TIME TO GEISHA ( Location: Nihonbashi )
- KIMONO RENTAL & DRESSING ( Location: Nihonbashi )
- Ninja and Samurai Japanese princess experience
Odawara-jo Castle. (from Shibuya Station 80 min)
- Surprise and Inspiration through Replica Foods (Location: Asakusa)
- Akiba Deep Travel (Location: Akihabara)
- Origami (Location : Ochanomizu)
- Bonsai (a potted plant) (Location : Koiwa, Ginza)
- Disaster prevention experience (Location: Ikebukuro , Daiba )
- Amezaiku (a traditional Japanese candy craft)(Location: Asakusa)
- Tokyo hand-dyed yuzen(Edo-yuzen) (Location Shimo-Ochiai, Shinjuku)
- "Oiran","Furisode","Gorgeous dress" (Location Shinjuku-Gyoen)
- Some no Sato Futabaen (You can try out dyeing for yourself)(Location Nakai)
- Japanese folding screens experience (Location Honjo-Azumabashi )
- Japanese Chochin-lantern experience (Location Kuramae)

Cherry blossoms viewing spot
- Spring is in the air. Plum blossoms Festival(Plum blossoms informs the incoming of has become the best time to see it.)
Yushima tenjin
Shinjuku Imperial Garden
Ikegami plum garden
Kameido-tenjinja Shrine
"Kyodo no mori" in Fuchushi

- Hanami, Sakura ( Cherry blossoms viewing spot )
Enjoyment method and feeling about cherry trees change by a location in Tokyo.
(Avenue and park, pond, riverside, seaside, lake, temple)
Would you enjoy various them in the season of the light pink-colored atmosphere.

- Let's see cherry blossoms in an extensive park.
Yoyogi Park -3min(by JR Line)
Komaba Park -10min(by train) 20min(On foot)
Toyama Park
Hibiya Park
Kinuta Park
Kitanomaru Park
Ueno Park -28min (by metro)
Asukayama park -31 min (by JR Line)

- Let's enjoy atmospheric Japanese taste and cherry blossoms.
Yasukuni Shine -11min(by metro )
Zojoji Temple -20min(by JR Line)
Tsurugaokahachimanguu-50min(by train)
Rikugien -22min(by JR Line)

- Let's enjoy a cherry blossoms in a luxurious garden.
Shinjuku Gyoen -5min
Mohri garden -12min(by metro)
Iwasaki House garden-20min(by train)

- Let's enjoy the cherry blossoms reflected on the waterside.
Megurogawa -5min(by JR Line)
Tamagawadai Park -12min(by train)
Inokashira Park -19min (by train)
Senzokuike Park -22min(by train)
Sumida Park -33min (by metro)
Odaibakaihin Park -34min

- Cherry blossoms and castle.
Chidorigafuchi -11min(by metro)
Odawara-jo Castle -80 min (by train)

- Let's enjoy the cherry blossoms from shipboard.
Fukagawa -27min(by metro)

- Let's walk free under the cherry blossoms.
Sakura-zaka -8min(by train)
Roppongi Hills -12min(by metro)
Ginza Sakura street-16min(by metro)
Nakano Street-14min(by train)
Meiji Jingu Gaien-4min(by train)
Sotobori Park-10min(by train)

- Let's enjoy the festival of the cherry blossoms.
The cherry blossom festival of Nakameguro. (Early April)
The cherry blossom festival of Jiyugaoka.
Asakusa Kannon-ura Ichiyo Sakura-matsuri Festival (Edo Yoshiwara Oiran-dochu Procession)

- Yozakura ( The sight of cherry blossoms at night ) (^^)oU cheers!!
Megurogawa -5min
Chidorigafuchi -11min
Roppongi Hills -12min
Sumida Park -33min(by metro)
Ueno Park -28min
Rikugien -22min

Flower festival
- Bunkyo Ume Matsuri (Plum Festival)
Date:From early February to early March
Location:Yushima Tenjin

- Ume Matsuri (Plum Festival)
Date:From early February to early March
Location:Kameidotenjin shrine

- Fuji matsuri (wisteria Festival )
Date:Late April 2018 - Early May 2018
Location: Kameidotenjin shrine

- Bunkyo Ajisai Matsuri (Hydrangea Festival)
Date:Early June - Mid-June
Location : Hakusan Jinja Shrine

- Hozuki-Ichi (Ground Cherry Pod Fair)
Date:2018.7.9 - 2018.7.10
Location : Senso-ji Temple

Fireworks festival
- Sumida River Fireworks Festival
Date:End of July
Location : Asakusa, Ryogoku

- Jingu-Gaien Fireworks Festival
Date:Around August
Location : Jingu-Gaien

- Edogawa Fireworks Festival
Date:Around August
Location : Edogawa

- Katsusika Fireworks Festival
Date:Around August
Location : Shibamata

- Tama River Fireworks Festival
Date:Around August
Location : Tama River

Traditional festival
- Toshinoichi (paid Kannon) Hagoita Market
DATE:Around December
Location: Sensoji Temple

- Joya no Kane (bells ringing out the old year)
Location: Sensoji Temple

- Dezome-shiki(New Year firefighters' event)
Location : Tokyo Big Sight

- Otakiage
(At a shrine, Shinto priests burn old charms with praying.)
Location:Hanazono Shrine
Date :JAN 8th

- Event to see the great king Yama [Emma].
Location:Taisou-ji (Shinjuku-Gyoen)
Date :JAN 15th - 16th

- Edo Nagashibina (Floating Ceremony of Paper Hina Dolls)
DATE :Late February - Early March

- Kanda-Festival
DATE:Mid May
Location: Kanda Myojin

- Sanja Matsuri
Date : 2018.5.17 - 2017.5.20
Location : Asakusa Jinja Shrine
It is counted among the three great festivals that originated in Edo and still remains as an important event of Tokyo.

- Hanazono Shrine Festival
Date : Late May
Location: Hanazono Shrine

- The Sanno Festival
DATE:Mid June
Location:Hie Jinja Shrine

- Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri (Festival)
DATE:Mid June
Location:Namiyoke Inari Jinja Shrine and its vicinity (for parade)

- Kagurazaka Matsuri Festival (Japanese Lantern Plant Market and Awa-odori Dance)
DATE:Last July
Location:Around Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple, between Kagurazaka 1-chome and Kagurazaka-dori Street

- Toro Nagashi (Paper Lantern Floating)
DATE: Around August
Location: Sumida Park

- Fukagawa Hachiman Festival.
Date:Around August
Location: Fukagawa

Other festival
- Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri Festival
Date : Late July
Location: Around Shinjuku Station East and West Exits

- Comic Market (in Summer)
DATE:Currently to be determined

- Comic Market (in Winter)
DATE:End of December

- International Tokyo Toy Show
DATE:2018.06.9 - 2018.06.10
Location : Tokyo Big Sight

Location : Roppongi
Location : Mitaka

Yoshinoya ( 5min walk from the apartment)
MARCHE DE METRO ( subway Ginza Line from Shibuya Station 2min)
BUTLERS CAFE Swallowtail ( JR Yamanote Line from Shibuya Station 11min)

Tokyo old downtown
Kappabashi Street ( subway Ginza Line from Shibuya Station 30min )
Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street ( JR Yamanote Line from Shibuya Station 24min)

I am taking lease vacation with government approval.
I hope that you can travel safely in Tokyo.
Currently, this apartment has 13 rooms.

Shibuya station is a 10-minute walk…


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Shibuya, Tokio, Japani

Neighboring atmosphere

Shibuya is a center of youth fashion and culture, and many of Japan's fashion and entertainment trends were burn from the street!
Over a dozen of major department stores' branches can be found around the area catering to all types of shoppers.

Experience Japanese culture
- Shop try out the Lolita fashion

- Let's see cherry blossoms in an extensive park.
Date : Late March
Location: Yoyogi Park

- Let's enjoy the cherry blossoms reflected on the waterside.
Date : Late March
Location: Megurogawa

- Meiji Shrine Spring Grand Festival
DATE:April 29-May 3
Location: Meiji Shrine

- Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Matsuri
Kagoshima's biggest festival takes over Shibuya with parades and song and dance performances.
Date:Mid May

- Ocean Peoples
Date:Around July
7 Tsukigoro
Location: Yoyogi Park

- Super Yosakoi Festival.
The maximum level which dances by a showy costume" Yosakoi festival".
Date:Around October

- Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine Festival
Date : September 17th, 18th

- Shibuya Halloween
Date : Late October

- Bells on New Year's Eve (Dec 31th)
Place :Tenryu-ji

- Shibuya Crossing (8min-walk)
- Shibuya Center Street (5min-walk)
- Shibuya Hikarie (13min-walk)
- Hachiko (8min-walk)
- Hachiko mural (8min-walk)
- Shibuya-Mark City (7min-walk)
- Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine (16min-walk)
- Cat Street (21min-walk)
- Meiji Jingu (22min-walk)
- Yoyogi Park (25min-walk)
- Megurogawa, Meguro river (25min-walk)
( When cherry trees along the Meguro River became in full blossom, the river is covered by the curtain of cherry blossoms. It is amazing. It's possible to enjoy a pretty cherry tree under the starry sky.)
- Sibu Pop floor (5min-walk) : ONE PIECE
- Purikura no Mekka (6min-walk)
(You can enjoy the latest Purikura )
- Owl cafe (5min-walk)
(The cafe which can touch an owl)
- Cat cafe (6min-walk)
(Cafe to spend with cats)
- VR PARK Tokyo (6min-walk)
(Virtual reality game arcade)

--Japanese goods shop
- Furoshiki A109(8min-walk)
- SEIBU (9min-walk)
- MARUI (Shop ( Cute Japanese-style wrapping cloth shop. ) (10min-walk)
- Kanzashi Shop ( Japanese hatpin shop. )

--Fashion (clothes/dress) shop
- H&M(5min-walk)
- PARCO(7min-walk)
- SHIBUYA109(8min-walk)
- "Randsel" Shop (13min-walk)
("Randsel" is a satchel which is colorful by fashion and cute and very strong.)

--Department Store
- Tokyu(4min-walk)
- Seibu(9min-walk)
- Marui(10min-walk)

--Electronics Goods
- Yamada Denki(6min-walk)
- BicCamera(7min-walk)

--Life article, miscellaneous goods, cosmetics
- Don Quixote(5min-walk)
- LOFT(9min-walk)
- Tokyu Hands(7min-walk)
- 100YEN Shop DAISO(6min-walk)

--House&Deco Goods
- MUJI(9min-walk)

Arts and Entertainment
- Bunkamura (4min-walk)
- ORCHARD HALL (4min-walk)
- THEATRE COCOON (4min-walk)
- THE MUSEUM (4min-walk)

Location: Bunkamura The Museum
- Shoto Museum of Art (4min-walk)
- Toguri Museum of Art (4min-walk)
- Noh Theatre (CERULEAN TOWER)(12min-walk)
- Ota Memorial Museum of Art (22min-walk)
( Ukiyo-e print Museun of Art)
- AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo (13min-walk)
( The theater which can enjoy comics, an animation game as a show. )

Restaurants & Coffee shop
- Starbucks Coffee(4min-walk)
- Exceisior Café(6min-walk)
- Sushi Zanmai(5min-walk)
- Gyu-Kaku(5min-walk)
- Oden restaurants HIDE (2min-walk)
- Coffee shop (15min-walk)
( The shop which was introduced to be "the world's best coffee" with New York Times.)
- Dagashi bar (8min-walk)
( Dagashi is the traditional sweets )

Night life
- Nombei Yokocho(10min-walk) (^_^)U U(^_^)

Grocer's shop
- AEON (3min-walk)

Facilities, shop necessary in the case of emergency
--Medical Consultation at Night and on Holidays(10min-walk)
Medical treatment is received in the small child getting sick suddenly on the night and a holiday.

--Drugstore, Pharmacy (3min-walk)

--Post office(2min-walk))

--Exchange office(3min-walk)

--Laundromat, a launderette(1min-walk)

--Rental bicycle shop(7min-walk)

--Shibuya Mosque (2min-walk)
Neighboring atmosphere

Shibuya is a center of youth fashion and culture, and many of Japan's fashion and ent…

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Thank you for seeing my profile. My hobby is traveling and fishing. Traveling and fishing can relieve stress of my work. Also, I enjoy having experience at the site. I hope that you will experience extraordinary experiences in Japan and Tokyo travel. We would be pleased if you could help everyone to make your stay better. Thank you
Thank you for seeing my profile. My hobby is traveling and fishing. Traveling and fishing can relieve stress of my work. Also, I enjoy having experience at the site. I hope that yo…
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It's up to you. I don't live in this apartment.
If you had things to do in Tokyo, you can enjoy your stay without communicating with the host.
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