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The uniqueness of my ancestral home will make your stay memorable.Well appointed walkin (no lift) flat including roof w/BBQ pit,balcony, indoor cane swing,truly hi speed internet, in safe, convenient Deshpriya Park area: 3 BR, 2 BA, living room, kitchen w/DW, water filtration. Will walk the extra step to meet your need [e.g., my car w/driver, maid to prepare food w/your instruction, all for extra charge] - just ask before booking.

Experience the feeling of living in a home with access to the rooftop to relax especially in the early morning or evening hours. It is not just a cookie cutter modern flat in a crowded multi storied building with a doorman and elevator. If you have children they would love to play in the roof. The fully renovated 2nd floor upscale living place in my ancestral home meets the need of a standard US household with large Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Glass Cook Top, Induction Stove, Microwave, Reverse Osmosis [RO] Water Filtration System, Foreman Grill, Coffee Maker, Electric Kettle, Blender, Toaster, Dishes/Silverwares/Pots & Pans. It has adequate size AC [a rarity in most vacation rentals], & fans in all rooms. Unlike other homes, hot water is available even in kitchen. However, the most unique feature of my flat is that it fits the need of varying types of groups. For example, if you are a family of 3 couples and 4 teenager children each couple could have their own private bedroom and the teenagers could have fun in their own 4 single beds in the second bedroom. If you are 4 business traveler want to enjoy having breakfast together but have privacy at night, you could have that too. The family room and the living room has comfortable sofa beds and door for privacy and can easily be used as a bedroom at night. A charcol BBQ pit on the rooftop is another unique feature of my home. The open space in the ground with two large mango trees [you can pick mangoes from the kitchen window in early summer] is not something you will find in a multi storied apartment building.

The roof makes my place unique and it is highly unlikely that you would find a place exactly like this at this price range in any other vacation rental in Kolkata. According to the Kolkata municipal corporation's latest regulation my neighborhood is categorized as having the second highest property tax rate in Kolkata out of the six tax zones. Another uniqueness is that the house is separated from the main street by a private driveway [about 90']. This makes it quieter than most houses in the neighborhood. The main uniqueness is, however, the flexibility that you don't need to get any management or board's permission to host a small party on the rooftop. just let me know ahead of time and I will arrange for tables, chairs even fans & extra water supply with an additional charge. Within 6-20 minutes walk in different directions you could go to shopping areas [e.g., Gariahat & Lake Market], Lake, Kalighat, Rashbehari Ave, Hazra Road, nice resturants, public transportation, movies; Three famous parks [deshpriya park, triangular park, madox square] are within 5-7 min walk.
To provide good water pressure in the shower head a pressure pump has been installed. Unlike many houses equipment such as Air Conditioners are of adequate size to ensure true comfort during hot days.
Complimentary Sheets, towels, blankets & high speed exclusive wireless internet access provided [Pls remember to ask for password upon check in].

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You will have access to the following:
[a] Master Bedroom with a king size mahogany bed with head and foot board and adequate partial access to the matching locked wardrobe and full access to the smaller drawers to keep your clothes, full access to the beautiful mirrored dresser with drawers.
[b] An attached bathroom with western style toilet, wash basin, and shower head. Unlike many houses in this area the shower head provides excellent water pressure thru a separately installed pressure pump, when turned on by the guests.
[c] Bedroom # 2 is a large airy bedroom w/4 windows. Four adults can sleep in this room. There are two single beds and underneath each bed there is one pull out single platform type low height box bed. All mattresses are custom made & very comfortable
[d] The living room tastefully decorated with sofa, chairs and a cane custom made sofa swing. There is also a wooden pull out bed that would provide sleeping for two adults and there is complete privacy as the door can be closed at night. This room has a wash basin on a granite counter.
[e] The family room is adjacent to the kitchen and has a wooden pull out bed that would provide sleeping for two adults and there is complete privacy as the door can be closed at night.
[f] The large balcony can be accessed thru both bedrooms.
[g] The kitchen with all granite eating counter and appliances including a double sink, full dishwasher etc. there is no separate dining table.
[h] there is another detached full bathroom with shower, wash basin & toilet.
[i] Shared access to the BBQ pit & rooftop in a Moonlit evening will be a bonus that you will never forget.
[j]Please note that although there is hot water in both bathrooms & kitchen the gyeser takes about ten minute to heat sufficient water for each shower.

Muuta huomioitavaa
The main gate from the street is kept locked between 11 pm and 6 am. We will provide you a copy of the key, provided you take responsibility of locking back after your use.

Smoking is permitted only in the balcony and roof top.

We have a Reverse Osmosis [RO] water filtration system for drinking water. A few years ago I installed this system and have a maintenance contract to periodically change all filters and since then we have not had any problems in drinking this water. However, buying bottled water is your decision.

TIPS & a rough guide geared for first time visitors to Kolkata:
To make your accommodation selection faster and help to formulate your expectation realistically. I have included many relevant information (not exhaustive) which will enable you to make correct interpretation of vague/misleading/implied wordings in the listing of competing hosts. Repeat visitors may find one or two concepts they never thought before. More practical tips related to India, West Bengal, Kolkata, my neighborhood and more importantly Local custom (to remain safe and avoid unpleasant experience) can be provided free only after booking. However, clarification related to my offer should be sought before booking. I traveled most States in India recently for pleasure and 25% of villages in West Bengal for business in late sixties. Winter is the best season to travel India and I remain in India (not necessarily Kolkata) till around June.
First time visitors (Foreign or Indian) are suggested to read this section in its entity even if they do not agree with some of my observations. Opinions and perceptions are expected to differ and constructive criticisms are welcome. Non Resident Indians who can walk up to G+ second floor (Third floor in USA) can expect most amenities they are used to. I am a NRI (also US citizen) and use this apartment more than the apartment with lift I rent in one of the high risers when I am in Kolkata. I even can help them to explore life in my village home near Shanitnikaten practically free. Guests booking for more than five days and paying the actual driving cost associated with my seven seater Chevrolet enjoy can experience one night stay and have first hand knowledge about villages in West Bengal (WB) upon request. I can provide unlimited help to persons who visit Kolkata with a purpose Business or Philanthropy or just plain curiosity. I can store their luggage free (small tips to the handlers) when they make overnight trips around Kolkata. Upon return they can rebook if available. Otherwise I can help them to find one.
I was born and raised in Kolkata but major part of my working years were spent in USA. I was the owner of firm rendering Professional Engineering, Software and Quality Assurance related services. Since 2014 my wife and I spent more than 100 days a year outside our primary residences in USA or India.
Since 2014, I am also running a vacation rental in USA and earned Super Host status from Airbnb Paragraphs below are derived from my experience in selecting and living in various types of temporary accommodations both in Developed and Developing Countries. Code, Custom and resource availability in Kolkata are markedly different from those in Western world specifically USA. First time visitors to Kolkata should know that what is considered basic in USA, may be luxury item in Kolkata or even unavailable. Acceptable behaviors in USA can lead to real trouble in India. Let me provide a few comparison.
Running hot water 24/7 at all facets in the house is basic in US. It is nonexistent in most private accommodation. Usually hot water is generated in standalone water heaters. Number and capacity will determine the convenience and comfort level. Some budget accommodation has undersized hot water heater and air conditioners. Worst is, sometimes the control of these lies with the caretaker and not on the guest.
All houses in my neighborhood receives water for only 2 hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. This water in most houses is stored in an underground tank and pumped to overhead tanks.
Although this system allows availability of water 24/7 the supply is not unlimited as in US. The size of the allowed ferrule connecting with street water main depends on tax paid by the house. The actual availability will however depend on several other factors but primarily on the number of persons sharing the water on a given date and time. Number of guests in a big guest house fluctuates and so does water scarcity especially in summer. Problematic for US families with teenagers. Because of water shortage (in my assessment) I deactivated this listing last year despite several good reviews. No guest complained about water shortage through privately feedback system of AB. Yet my better judgment prompted me to deactivate the listing. The current water situation in my house has been more than solved such that with advance notice even 60 day guests can be entertained comfortably.
The important item of my upgradation is the installation of one pressure pump which when operated provides excellent pressure in the shower head or washing machine and dishwasher. I never stayed in rented accommodation in Kolkata as short time renter but in many guest houses outside Kolkata, I was forced to store water in dirty buckets to take shower. Shower heads were in existence as shown in the
listing picture but no water in shower head.
Another example will be the style of the toilet. While travelling in India I had to reject many accommodations simply because they did not have Western style commode. Using Eastern style toilet is painful for senior citizens and I carry a portable toilet seat while I head for unknown rural areas.
Western style and at least one attached bath is the norm in most modern house. In railways both styles are available with Eastern style toilets predominating. Because water is provided in both types for personal cleaning most public toilets in India are always wet. Good news is that with small tips the attended will take good care of you. Wetness will still be present. I always carry paper towel and toilet
tissues and insect repellent while travelling. In most homes in Kolkata shower curtain is unheard of. Bathroom are perpetually wet. Short skirt or kissing is permitted in USA but it can be a source of serious problem in Kolkata. Unlike few areas of India Alcohol and Beef are O.K. Restrictions apply.
In areas with predominantly Muslim population everyday morning payer around 5 am broadcasted through loud speakers is a cause of annoyance to non-muslims. Sound of sometimes illegal firecracker kept me awake till midnight 7 days before and 7 days after Diwali in my neighborhood.
Point is, make specific inquiry for items crucial to your decision process according to what you plan to do. This inquiry will be related not only to the item but its availability, capacity and usage limitation if any. In my house washer, dishwasher, Desktop, Printers, Wall oven and a host of electronic items may be shown in the picture. But they are available only with prior understanding. Caretaker will wash your cloth against a tip. Detergent is free. Learning the nuance of my washer or dishwasher by a foreigner will not be worth their while. Many guest houses I rented had inadequate size of air conditioners or internet connection. I look for at least 4 spare electrical outlets for simultaneous charging of cell phones, cameras, videos etc., in most budget accommodations no spare outlet remains available in the bedroom
after connecting TV and mosquito repellent cartridge. Fearing that guest might cook food with portable heaters many budget accommodation do not keep spare outlet in bedroom or bathroom.
The standard of cleanliness is much lower in Kolkata. Every neighborhood has paid public toilets mostly eastern style. . Few are acceptable in dire emergency but most are just horrible in US standard. Having toilet for guests is not guaranteed even in glitzy coffee shops.
I will now share the evaluation procedure I would follow IF (hypothetically) I were visiting Kolkata and its vicinity for the first time. People can legitimately have different choices.
I will discard big guest house, bread and breakfast or homestay except when travelling in remote areas of Himalaya where other options are nonexistence. Big guest house is preferable only if you want to make new friends. Since I do not find suitable filter in AIRBNB, I presume that AB listing for Kolkata region includes all of the above together despite each has own characteristic. Staying in a home with a good neighborhood and with independent area (private room with attached bath is not enough) and having commonsense restrictions is my preference. Usually all meals are mandatory in homestay.
Homestay does not make sense to me in Kolkata. Availability of somewhat customized home cooked meals may make sense only to few senior citizens visiting Kolkata on business. Plenty of eateries /restaurants serving different cuisine are nearby in most neighborhoods. Accommodations run by religious order is cost effective only for few. For me, restrictions on my food habit, timing of ingress and egress, restrictions on entertaining friends in my room and many other restrictions are not acceptable. In USA Bread and Breakfast licensing requirement is more involved than providing complimentary breakfast.
Liability for food poisoning is involved when supplying cooked food. Unscrupulous guests can use this feature to extract concession on false pretext. I do not provide breakfast but can provide complementary starter supply on request. Indian style grocery shop is 2 minutes and western style grocery store is about 15 minutes’ walk from my home.
Location: In order of modernization I divide Kolkata in four zones: North, South, Salt Lake and Rajarhat or New Town. The streets of North Kolkata are narrow and congested, a few buildings are old to the point of crumbling. Many palaces and tourist attractions are located in North Kolkata. Excellent for visit but not for living. Civic services are inadequate. Definitely to be avoided by medical tourists from
South Kolkata: Newer buildings, wider streets, less congestion, more public transportation. More western style shops, malls and restaurants recommended for Western and Medical tourists. Several good hospitals comparable to US standard, Tollywood and major attractions are located in this zone.
Salt Lake: developed after independence. Naturally buildings are newer, roads are wider and planned. Less congestion But those may not be all good for tourists without car. Some streets look deserted after 9 p.m. Good for Business travelers especially in IT sector. Most homeowners have car/s. Taxis refuse to go after 9 P.M. as they cannot envision return fare. Getting street direction from locals after 9 P.M is problematic. I do
not have direct experience of services by OLA and other smartphone dependent companies in this area.
Environments in New Town or Rajarhat is more modern. Streets are attractively illuminated but deserted after 8 .Pm. Security discomfort. Optimized for IT associated travelers. Building type has a lot to do with your travel experience. Question is standalone building or apartment in a high-rise building? Please consider this aspect seriously depending on your preference and planned activates. See if Toilet flush after 10 P.M. rule exists in the multi storied building. Just kidding. But
remember your next door neighbor might be living in that building for 10 years and subconsciously might have developed some notion about what is right and what is not. Slightly loud music may draw argument. From my perspective my house with guest following safety rules given upon arrival, is safer than any high riser in Kolkata unless personal targeting is involved. High risers are most time located in less populated areas. Approach road for pedestrian especially foreigners are uncomfortable at night. My wife and I usually patronize the night show of nearby Priya cinema hall for more than 50 years and never had a problem.
Health concern: Presence of mosquito and flies especially in winter. Open drains in some areas, irresponsible residents to allow standing water in broken tea cups, discarded car tires or small ponds in some neighborhood, less municipal service are the root cause of mosquito. Although I store mosquito nets and mosquito repellant, I do not need to use any times in the year. Mosquito infestation is less in
apartments above third floor. Specific inquiry suggested.
Safety: Statistically, locations near any transportation hub (air .water and land) are more crime prone than other neighborhood. Budget apartments which offer single room with attached/ shared bath are riskier than self-contained apartments. Budget apartments located in areas where drugs and sex workers area available freely are riskier than the same located in established residential area preferred by the local. Arguably my house is located in the most desirable location for families with children and medical tourists. Out of property tax zones from A to G my house is in B zone and that in itself will say a lot about the location.
Transportation: For various reasons public transportation is inadequate or nonexistent in some neighborhood which otherwise can be considered very desirable. For example Public transportation in Salt Lake or New Town are scarce or nonexistent. Most home owners in these areas have their own cars and therefore, Taxis do not want to go to these areas after 9 P.m. as in their own estimate they cannot get return passengers. These areas are most advantageous for business travelers with rented cars paid
by the company and the traveler is not keen to mingle with locals. Transportation cost and time to most tourist attractions from these areas are much more than houses in proper Kolkata.
Privacy and Security: A 90 feet private passage way separates this house from the main street. About 3000 Sq. vacant space with few large mango trees before our back boundary wall. Right side is a vacant lot with 24/7 security personnel and CCTV. Site for a high rise building. NRI co owners of this house are present not more than 10 days a year in the floor below. Essentially very secluded and yet very safe.
One family who took care of my deceased mother lives in a hutment in the ground at the back. No intruder can reach my front door without being noticed by this helpful family.
Site seeing: Rental car with driver will be found most convenient, cost effective and reliable. Must if you have small children or senior citizen. Availability of taxis is unreliable. They refuse passengers for short distance. They refuse to go to certain locations after 9 P.M. citing safety reason or being far away from their night garage. At any given time all taxis in SOUTH Kolkata can stop working because the police
arrested a taxi driver in NORTH Kolkata about 15 minutes ago. Ola, Uber are actually for corporate clients who does not have to pay from their pocket. Autos follow a particular preset route. Good for short distance. Needs extra physical agility to get in and out. They are availed very easily. English is spoken everywhere in the citing however I do not recommend public transportation for site seeing. Long walk and language barrier.
West Bengal is the only State in India which has Sea (Bay of Bengal) on one end Himalaya on the other end. About 3 hours’ drive from my house will bring you to the ocean and even locals use own/rented car to reach Sea. About 8 hours train ride will bring you to the foothill and another 3 hours to many hill stations in all direction in shared taxi. Railway reservation on short term is problematic. Tickets can be booked via internet. From one location in Kolkata, foreigners can buy ticket with priority in getting reservation from tourist quota. However physical presence with passport in a crowded office is mandatory. Ordinary booking office around the city is plentiful. . Other than within Kolkata, I will recommend (a) Shaniniketan (b) Digha Area (c) Tiger Safari in Sunderban.
One or two nights of Conducted tour of Tiger Safari pick up passengers five minutes’ walk from my home. Although good trains are available I use my car for about 4 hours including stop over drive to Shantiniketan.
In conclusion: every listing has some advantage and some disadvantage. Only you can decide what is best for you under your situation. Directly or indirectly you are paying for ALL amenities listed whether you use it or not. Ask yourself if you need shared swimming pool and shared common areas with walk in strangers. That will not happen in my house.
Last but not the least: Emergency do not come with a notice. My car will remain parked in my driveway when I am not in India. I will be only 5 miles away with my car when I am in Kolkata. I provide accommodation to a professional driver working elsewhere in the back yard of this house. His availability in emergency is comforting. Language barrier should not be a problem in emergency. I or my Representative will be a phone call away. I can even provide a phone number of REGISTERED doctor
(lot of fraudulent doctors are in Kolkata) who will make house call in dire emergency. Nearest hospital is 10 minutes’ walk and arguably best hospital is 15 minutes’ drive.
One final note for US residents. Dental work like root canal may offset most of your travel cost. A high end dental facility is within 5 minutes’ walk from my home where I got most of my dental work done before my retirement. Currently I do it in a hospital setting.
The uniqueness of my ancestral home will make your stay memorable.Well appointed walkin (no lift) flat including roof w/BBQ pit,balcony, indoor cane swing,truly hi speed internet, in safe, convenient Deshpriya Park area: 3 BR, 2 BA, living room, kitchen w/DW, water filtration. Will walk the extra step to meet your need [e.g., my car w/driver, maid to prepare food w/your instruction, all for extra charge] - just as…


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Kalkutta, Länsi-Bengali, Intia

Our neighborhood is safe, clean and very convenient to go any place in Kolkata. People are very friendly. My parents lived here and we also spent many years in this house before moving to USA. Thus, our neighbors know us and they are always there to help if we need anything.

The Park street , Victoria memorial Hall, New Market, Movie Theatres, Academy of Fine Arts, Museum, Zoo, Rabindra Sadan complex all are within $2 Taxi ride. Several fine restaurants are within walking distance while the Park Street area has countless high end restaurants of almost all cuisines of the world.
Our neighborhood is safe, clean and very convenient to go any place in Kolkata. People are very friendly. My parents lived here and we also spent many years in this house before moving to USA. Thus, our neighbo…

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I was born in India but settled and raised our family in USA. I am a retired Professional Engineer. I love to meet new people, travel to new places. I can walk the extra mile to make my guests' stay a real memorable one. Have traveled extensively in US, Canada, Europe, India & other places.
I was born in India but settled and raised our family in USA. I am a retired Professional Engineer. I love to meet new people, travel to new places. I can walk the extra mile to ma…
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I am an avid traveler in India and abroad. When in Kolkata, I would try my best to help you with anything that you ask for. If I am not there during your stay my caretaker will ensure that your stay goes smoothly. At an additional charge and prior arrangement, you could use my 5 seater car with a driver. However, our interactions with the guests could be as much or as little as the guests prefer. We respect our guests' privacy.
As a super host for my US home I provided many amenities in my Calcutta home, which are basic in USA but nonexistent in most listings in this site. Foreigners and NRIs will find most amenities they are used to. Business travelers will find high speed internet for exclusive use and not suffer the speed degradation when sharing with other renters in a hotel or guest house. One car parking and accommodation for driver is available at extra cost. For technical reason no cooked food is served but all arrangement could be made if needed. Suitable for, high level executive family or three junior executive. Walk up.
I am an avid traveler in India and abroad. When in Kolkata, I would try my best to help you with anything that you ask for. If I am not there during your stay my caretaker will ens…
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