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Gulab Vatika-2
Off Amin Marg
(Located behind “The Imperial Heights”)

The house is situated in an excellent part of Rajkot. There are 3 bedrooms 2 with bathrooms. A driver with a car for complimentary personal use.

Dear Friends (hopefully)
Please forgive the long essay.
Let me introduce to you ourselves, our property in Rajkot, facilities within the property, neighborhood, places of interest in Rajkot in our opinion, Saurashtra at large.
I would also like to tell you of our ongoing experience with all of the above.
We are a small family in the UK with roots in Hindustan.
Some eleven years ago some of our family members went to Hindustan to scatter our father’s ashes.
That they did. Also, they looked around in Rajkot for us to stay when we are there. Many times. Another home for us.
We ended up buying this small house in a nice neighborhood. Now that we, our family and friends and some relatives have stayed there a number of times, we realize how nice the area is. I will try and give you a picture of this later.
Having bought this house that was built in 2006 we have tried to make it comfortable for ourselves.
Life is tough in Hindustan as you know. But we have managed to succeed to a degree😊
We try to go here two, three times a year. We enjoy it very much. Healthcare is a problem. But we are exploring as we go.
This house, as you see in photos, as you enter, Parking on the ground floor. Stairs on the right wrapped around the watchman room. On the first floor as you enter, a living room with dining area and the kitchen. Also a bedroom and a toilet on this floor. Stairs will take you to second floor where you will find somewhere to pray in the morning if you wish. A utility cupboard for cleaners to keep materials and spare linen. Two bedrooms. One falls in the front of the house and another at the back. Both have own bathrooms. Room at the back is what we use. Nice. Stairs again that take you to the terrace if you have courage to bear the sun😊 Our brother in law spends two hours there when he stays here.
Most things that we need to live happily are there. We add and clear things as per our needs.

We have recently installed internet in the house. This is very good when it works. Idea here is to use it much and report it not working if it stops. Service is not too bad. There are routers in two bedrooms upstairs for good signal.
We also have an old computer that has guest login. Useful.
We have a lady and her daughter clean the house from outside everyday when we are not there. Inside and out is done everyday when people staying there.
We also have a car for our use and a driver when we are there.
Our driver is a local young man with a wife and two children. He also manages our needs while we are there and in our absence.
Our cousin holds our keys and also attends to bits that need doing.
While in Hindustan, whether us or our guests, we have found that people mostly want shopping, eating, entertaining, visiting people and places in the area and interaction with our neighbors. With these in mind, we have developed our relationship with our driver/manager called Bapu who takes care of all as per how we wish. Works very well.
Now we talk about what is near our house?
Firstly, we are within Rajkot ring road.
Coming out of the house and turning left, first you will find fruit and vegetable people. Going further some small shops to get milk and things.
Turning right on Amin Marg will take you to a local small supermarket. You will want to go there many times. Many other shops on this long road. There is also Kalavad Road which runs parallel to Amin Marg which is a main road going out of Rajkot. Much to do on this road.
Coming out of our house and turn right, there is desi park where you can do your morning walk if you want. Turning right before that will bring you to 150 feet Ring Rd. Here you will find Big Bazaar, Imperial Heights, reliance Mall Subway and a very nice Pizza Hut. All walking distance and enjoyable.
We have our Rambhai panwala who makes pans as per our special needs.
Bapu will arrange all your laundry needs that you will pay for.
Our car is insured for private use for ourselves and our guests. Not as taxi.
We will make this car and the driver available at no extra cost to our guests. For local use only.
If you require transport for longer journeys our Bapu will arrange this for you and you will pay for it directly. Works for us well.
Ideal size of travelling group is four people. This fits in the car plus our driver. Any more and you will need to arrange a bigger or an extra vehicle. Again, this works.
For you to stay at our house, if you wished, our driver will pick you up from any local arrival station. Do not panic about your luggage. The team is there to sort it. And take you back to you local departure point. Again, afford comfort and peace of mind that we have worked so hard to achieve for us and our guests.
I would like to expand this essay further. But would like input from other guests and their experiences if anyone wished to let me know?

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