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Best things to do in Balaton-järvi

Place of Worship
“One of the oldest Abbey in Hungary with wonderful panorama to the lake. Must see.”
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Farmers Market
“A fantastic market with all kind of places to eat. Saturdays from the morning till around 14:00”
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Moderni eurooppalainen ravintola
“Étterme kiváló, finom borok.. Szeretjük! Great restaurant, good wines.. We love it!”
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Tech Startup
“Central Europe's largest freswater-lake with countless entertainment and recreational possiblities as well as amazing natural scenery with a trail of dormant volcanoes on its Northern Shore. All of these hills are also home to famous vineyards, producing very similar, but slightly milder volcanic wines than Somló. 40 minutes drive to the closest North-shore village. ”
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“Bárok, éttermek, éjszakai élet / The main promenade of the city with bars, restaurants and nightlife.”
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Maisemallinen näköalapaikka
“Siófok water tower It has been renovated some years ago. You can enjoy a beautiful panorama there. There is a bar in it, so you can sit for a cafe and see the whole city through the window while the tower turns around. http://viztorony.com/en#0 http://hellosiofok.hu/helyszinek/latnivalo/713/the-water-tower/”
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“This lovely restaurant with a large outdoor patio is a must visit. The menu, based on Hungarian cuisine, takes these dishes one step further. Chef Jahni L. uses local seasonal ingredients creatively.”
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“It's the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or have a coffee and a cake by the water.”
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Maisemallinen näköalapaikka
“On the south shore. Badacsony mountain is visible/ A déli parton található. Badacsony is látható.”
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“nice unerground boat trip (approx 1,5 hours of waiting in a queue, but worth it).”
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“one of the best foodie resto in the area just 4 kms away from Henye cottage cheese dumpling, duck and cream soup, wow, be careful you might get addicted...”
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“Tagore promenade is surrounded by a famous park, next to the port, also home of the Vine weeks of Balaronfured in august”
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“Good restaurant In the hart of the city. You can try excellent Hungarian wines as well.”
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“In case of bad weather,it is a good program to swim,sauna,and thermal water.”
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Night Club
“Die besten Cocktails in Siofok. Am Wochenende elektronische Musik & Party. Feine Take Away Foods mit Blick auf den Strand. Cocktail Bar // Party at weekend with electronic Music // Take Away Foods”
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Unkarilainen ravintola
“Good value for price, great variety of food including local fishes form the lake.”
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