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“Very good ice cream, top quality ingredients. - 1.2 Km on foot (15 minutes) - Or TRAM 94 for 2 stops (11 minutes)”
  • 22 paikallista suosittelee
Italialainen ravintola
“Lovely restaurant in front of Parco delle Basiliche and Colonne di San Lorenzo”
  • 26 paikallista suosittelee
“Great buffet both for lunch and apperetivo. Big and good portion of food just for 10 euro!”
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  • 3 paikallista suosittelee
Italialainen ravintola
“Ristorante a conduzione famigliare. Menù interessante. servizio buono. Budget medio”
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
“breakfast at bookstore, on the first floor there are sofas to seat ,rest ,have a coffe, ”
  • 3 paikallista suosittelee
Clothing Store
“Amazing original shop. Handmade unique suits, shirts, shoes, sunglasses, hats, bags. Wow, I always buy stuff here. Love it”
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