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Best things to do in Bogotá

“ChibChombia is adorned with patriotic Colombian decor and offers typical meals such as changua (milk broth with chives and an egg), arepa con huevo (fried egg inside a corn cake), caldo de costillo (broth with a short rib) and hot chocolate served with cheese and sweet bread. ”
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“This library is an architectural gem designed by Salmona plus its surrounded by parks .”
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Colloquial Area
“A trendy, block full of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and bars. Full of people.”
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“Centro Comercial con almacenes de ropa, restaurantes, casas de cambio y cine (Hollywood y cinearte). Mall with clothing retailers, restaurants, exchange houses and a movie theater (Hollywood & artsy).”
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“There is everything here!! Also, go around near this mall and you can have beautiful bookstores like LEARNER or go to the hippie market in the 82 with 13.”
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“Best gourmet buffet breakfast in the city with traditional Colombian food. And at less than $20/head! Available only on weekends before 12pm. We can help you get a booking, and we recommend you do.”
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“Where it all began: it is believed that Bogotá was founded in Chorro de Quevedo Plaza on August 6, 1538. This open space in the neighborhood of La Candelaria, where you will find a doctrinal chapel, can be reached by an old narrow, cobblestone street called Calle del Embudo (Funnel Street). The square is popular with street performers and a meeting place for college students. The square takes its name from an Augustinian priest, Friar Quevedo, who in 1832 purchased the site and set up the public water fountain in the centre. Its water supply was cut off when a nearby building collapsed in 1896.”
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“Zona T is a very popular pedestrian zone in Bogota with lots of bars. These are some good options: Bogotá Beer Company: It’s Bogota + beer. Nothing could go wrong. Pravda: try the martinis and small plates. The Irish Pub: more beer and cozy indoors. ”
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Bus Station
“The botanic garden of Bogota offers tons of nature when you need it the most. ”
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“El Retiro features “La Plaza de Andrés,” which is essentially a welcoming food court with loads of Colombian food options. ”
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“This a great park to go for a stroll, it runs along two streets and is sorrounded by great cafes, restaurants and bars. highly recommend on a weekend. ”
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“We can take you to the gourmet area of Bogota where the best restaurants are. $20 USD ($50,000 COP). Prices DO NOT include admission tickets. ”
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Yleinen viihde
“Super fun, hipster movie theatre in an architectural patrimony house towards the center of the city. Their selection of independent films is usually excellent. They also serve food and drinks, and have a cool store on the premises. ”
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Aasialainen ravintola
“Learn about Colombia's history in this museum that used to be a prison! There's a nice exhibit to honor the victims of Colombia's internal conflict. Plenty of good lunch options nearby.”
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“the Teatro Mayor specialized in concerts, shows and theatrical and operatic productions of great importance; the Studio Theater where concerts of chamber music, contemporary dance, more experimental scenic performances, performances and installations can be presented”
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“Centro educativo universitario en frente al hospedaje, es una de las instituciones de educación más antiguas y de mayor tradición en Colombia, es también un espacio para la diversidad y la libertad de expresión.”
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