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“This place is great! Everything I've had is delicious, and it's a great option when you are downtown for a day and want to shop or wander through art galleries...It's also my go to for a good Belgian Waffle when I get a hankering! Parking is a pain because it's downtown, so either go during the week, Uber/Lyft, or plan a few extra minutes driving around and around to find an open spot! ”
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Clothing Store
“Great clothing store - high end brands, great design, shoes, toiletries and some baby items ”
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“My friend, Shosh and her hubs own this handmade soap store -- its awesome and makes for a great souvenir!”
  • 3 paikallista suosittelee
“Amazing cookie company that originated in Savannah. Store is full of great samples and they are so good you will want to buy more! ”
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“When I am at city market and I want a treat, this is my stop for tasty gelato and ice cream. They also have a traditional candy shop with homemade fudge, truffles, and more, as well as popular name brands of candy. Several locations across Savannah...check it out!”
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Deli / Bodega
“The NYC and Lower East are both great breakfast sandwiches, there’s likely a menu for this place in the Hideaway.”
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Home Goods Store
“Very hip modern general store--great place to get gifts to bring back home to friends and family.”
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Clothing Store
“Broughton Street has Kate Spade, Anthropologie (both so new neither shows up on the map yet!) plus Banana Republic, French Market, etc”
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