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“This is my all time favourite coffee shop. There are so many kind of coffee. Inspired by the specialty coffee culture around the world especially in Australia, Ristr8to is an independently unique cult concept cafe striving to serve the best coffee in every single cup.”
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“many people enjoy Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre as it is genuinely Thai. It is still unbeatable as one of the cheapest places to eat in Chiang Mai. It has Tops Market (super market) to buy everything you need. In the shopping mall, you can find chain stores such as Boots and Ice-cream shop, Black Canyon Coffee, Waston... The fried chicken with rice and broth at one of the food stalls is excellent. For about 50B you can get a huge bowl of pork noodle soup with dumplings. If you don't want or enjoy a band, you can eat at the smaller food court inside the same area as the Tops Market. They have a good kao soy, if you enjoy that dish. Tops has a great salad bar! ”
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“The best home made ice cream and sweets in Chiangmai. Decoration with unique style. you should come to check it out when you visit Chiangmai ”
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“The pictures on our walls are from here, except the Melbourne ones. Heaps of wooden pieces and furniture. Prices much better than night Bazaar. International delivery services available.”
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“A garden cafe, with antique-looking wooden tables dotted around a brick courtyard full of shady trees, ferns, flowers and even a gurgling mini-waterfall. The Westernised menu has photo-worthy breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, cakes and ice creams.”
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“Hands down the best coffee in Chiang Mai, if not the best coffee in Thailand. Ristr8to has transformed the cafe scene in Chiang Mai and managed to put Chiang Mai right there at the world's top "coffee" destinations. Their coffee is best when served in hot variants. Avoid upsetting them by asking for iced coffee.”
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“Famous Steak name " Oh ka Joo" in side the Nim city daily plaza opposite Central Airport plaza. Western dish and fresh salad. you may go early if not will be have to wait because this restaurant is famous for Thai people and tourist. ”
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“Looks like a great local hangout. Quick, easy toast and spreads for it. Cheap yogurt at 25 a small tub. ”
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“Maya is located at Rincome Intersection on Neuman Road, a world class fashion and beauty product center from all over the world. Rooftop with the best viewpoint of Chiang Mai Can see Chiang Mai from a perspective that has never been seen before There is a bar and food and drink.”
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“The Shopping Mall is near my cottage. Wide variety of stores, restaurants, food court here is amazing with local food menu options, even you need grocery walk to TOPs super market.”
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“One Nimman is shopping center, Art, restaurant, and coffee bar. you can enjoy your slow life there. ”
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“It's the fresh outdoor mall, released in 2018, made in a style of European brick castle with lost of passages, bridges, balconies, towers and squares which fuse with a contemporary hi-end art. There a lots of high class shops and restaurants. It's a nice to explore the area and discover lots of great small details. Food court aesthetics is a top!”
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“The community that provides many shops and restaurants such as Rimping Supercenter, Wine Connection, Vietnam Restaurant, Thai Restaurant, McDonald's, Brandname outlet, etc.”
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“Big local food market. If you want to experience a Thai teen local food market please come here. There're many cheap and delicious restaurant for you to choose.”
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“Ban Tawai is an Art & Craft village with skillful artisan who make high quality woodworks and also do made to order. These include in and outdoor furniture and decorative lamp, sculpture and arts. Many great wood furniture around Thailand and the world are made from this village”
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“ Hosts your pharmacists, kids corners, ice creams, public transport, electronics and major telephone operators are here. A food court with a guitarist and western union to facilitate your currency needs. essentials can be purchase here. It has KFC and MK restaurant, boots pharmacists and watson.”
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Farmers Market
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Farmers Market
“Close to Nimmanhaemin Road and Chiang Mai University, Ton Payom Market provides a lot of local food, fruits, fresh vegetables, cooked food, meats, snacks, ingredients, spices, etc. The market is so lively in the evening time and the night time which you should avoid the traffic around the market area. Parking is rarely to find on the roadside, except the motorcycle.”
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Flea Market
“This great local night market is located right behind the Maya mall. Starts at 4pm, but better to go there when it's dark - it's the peak time when most shops open. The great thing of this place - most of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, styling services are for young and hip audience. Strongly recommend if you want to see real Asian market!”
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