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Mitä tehdä paikassa Jamaika

Tutustu kaupunkiin paikallisten vinkkien avulla. Etsi parhaat aktiviteetit ja ruokapaikat ja saa arvokkaita neuvoja ihmisiltä, jotka asuvat täällä.

“Great place to learn about the music legend Bob Marley and the impact he has had on our country ”
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“Want to take a break from the city? Head towards the North Coast which is graced with some of the island’s best beaches and rivers. Just an hour drive by highway. ”
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“Ready for an awesome and memorable, day or Club night.. Margarita Ville it is! Try the best Margaritas made in Jamaica, learn the newest Jamaican dance moves and Lingos, also enjoy a 150 ft long slide, collect Jamaican rums and crafts?”
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“Several food options ranging from Local cuisine to International Fast Food chains.”
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“This is a local park that you can come and relax. There is also a walking tracking and a fitness zone.”
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Point of Interest
“A little fun and adventure. Zip lining and other activities will make for an enjoyable day !”
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Muut hyvät ulkoilmapaikat
“Visitors get to interact and swim with dolphins, sharks and stingrays in their natural habitat while enjoying the thrill and love of these amazing animals. Fun for the entire family. Less than a half hour away!”
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“A Fun place to hang out, drink, eat swim or even lay on the beach, right at the cruise port in Island Village. Good entertainment ( sometimes concerts) and a very busy place on ship days and chill when there is no ships ”
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“In addition to good meals, they have a fashion show on Wednesday nights. Also a dance hall starting at 11. Ladies night before 11 on Friday night.”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“You have got to try the world famous ice cream or yogurt . If you enjoy spicy food then the curried goat patty is must! Lobster patties also available in season ”
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“Rick’s Cafe has thee most beautiful sunset on this side of the globe. You can enjoy great cuisine, some cliff diving, live music and more! Approximately 50 mins away. No cover charge ”
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“One of the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Caribbean. Magnificent scenery and wonderful spots to sit and enjoy. Don't miss the recently added Chinese Garden - make sure you do a tour with Mr Creary who is a font of information”
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“Here you'll find Jamaican local crafts, local food, accessories such as local jewelry and souvenirs. ”
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“Name says it and great food Usain Bolts Place , great ambiance and nice pics!”
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“Breath taking, lovely and a excellent day out...A Must zip lining is great!”
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“Jamaica is know for its Jerk Chicken and Scotchies has some of the best jerk chicken in the island! This location is only a 10-minute walk from Jamrock Villa Dolce. Menu items include: jerk chicken, jerk wings, jerk pork, chicken sausages, pork sausages, roasted sweet potatoe, bammy (cassava), french fries, fried festival, and soup, to name a few items. The bar offers typical drinks like rum, whiskey, vodka and the famous Jamaican Red Stripe beer and more! The restaurant offers a nice outdoor setting with rustic wooden seating areas, so give Scotchies a try.”
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