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Satama / Marina
“Don’t miss this on your way back North. Feed the tarpon, shop the gift area, have a drink at the bar (Key lime daiquiri is amazing!)”
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“They gave great sandwiches and french based cusine. The Acia is the best around. Great atmosphere.”
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“Great Place and only 1 block away, they bake their own bread everyday and have an extensive choice of homemade soups Perfect for Lunch and Dinner”
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Kuubalainen ravintola
“You will find the best Cuban bread and coffee here. This is good for breakfast and lunch. ”
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“Cuban / French bakery open 24 hrs excellent croissants and raps also breakfast sandwiches as well 👍👍👍👍”
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Dive Spot
“Capt. Slate and his crew has over 35 years of experience. Great friendly service. Let them know Ana Alvarez from Airbnb recommended him.”
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“There are two of these stores. The one in the median of the highway, approximately MM 98, is the largest of the two. This store offers great souvenirs and beautiful island clothes and home accessories. Prices are reasonable.”
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“Shopping center with major grocery store, Kmart, clothing boutique, pizza, library”
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