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Ostokset paikassa Little Italy, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

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“It's a neighbourhood convenience store (known as a "Depanneur" for anyone from Quebec) that sells gourmet and vegetarian friendly sandwiches. The food is filling, tasty, and well-priced. During the warmer months, sit outdoors and watch people go by. ”
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“Intimate hangout with a chalkboard menu featuring panini and soup, plus beer and artful lattes.”
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“The best bread in Montreal is 5 minutes away, there isn't a lineup all year long for no reason.”
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“Based in a tortilla factory, a taqueria offering Mexican street food & a patio in Jean-Talon Market.”
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“Alcohol/wine/liquor needs resolved here (our equivalent of LCBO for our Ontarian friends).”
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“To some the best Italian coffee in Montreal. Must try! $2.75 a cappuccino. ”
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“Very good coffee and good food: avocado toast, healthy salad, bagel with salmon...”
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“Pour tous vos besoins en pharmacie ou produits de soin et autres produits ménagers.”
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Shopping Plaza


Farmers Market
“The Jean-Talon Market is open year-round. Part farmer's market, part foodie paradise. Go for breakfast or lunch and pick up regional specialties such as maple syrup, amazing baked goods, cheese and more!”
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Farmers Market
“The best ice cream in the city! I like the burnt maple flavour, matcha green tea, ananas, vanilla, masala chai .....”
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Farmers Market
“A buzzing Urban farmer's Market 20 mins. subway ride. Best place to get a taste of Mtl.”
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