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“Coffee, pastries, cupcakes, and a few small sandwiches; what more could you ask for from a bakery?? One of Missoula's favorite places for ordering pies and getting that morning pick-me-up.”
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“My favorite place to get bakery items. Delicious breads and savory pastries as well as a full stocked coffee bar. ”
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“Perfect for meals or coffee and pastries to go! Great wine, beer, and gelato selection. ”
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“Missoula Staple. You can't get the full Missoula experience without going here. ”
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“Great place to grab coffee in bulk or a great beverage. They have delicious house made chai as well and huge slices of toasts with great toppings. ”
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“Don't miss the opportunity to visit the first distillery opened for cocktail sampling in Missoula. Their specialties are vodka and gin signature cocktails. ”
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“Great breakfast spot with funky recipes and daily specials. Really delicious. You can get dinner here on certain nights as well. ”
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“One of the most eclectic stores ever. A local favorite with it's own cat. Unique Montana souvenirs, best music store, clothes, jewelry, toys and other stuff.”
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“It’s about a 5-10 min walk from our Delightful Den to the mall. Lots of shopping and great places to eat. If you are there around lunch time I recommend stopping at Cafe Dolce in the mall for a Chop Chip salad 😋”
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“This is one of my favorite places for a date night or a night out w a friend. See a movie and eat a yummy meal. I have never been disappointed in the food. In all honesty sometimes I really don’t care about the movie I just want to sit in the super comfy chairs and eat the food 😂”
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“Albertson's for general grocery needs. Ace Hardware, the Book Exchange an excellent used book store and Paul's Pancake Parlor a longtime family owned, family friendly pancake breakfast feast. ”
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“Our local grocer bought out Safeway a few years ago -- basically this looks like any Safeway on the inside, with similar offerings, but a spattering of local goods and locally owned. Great espresso bar inside. ”
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