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Best things to do in Oslo

“High quality shopping, if you want exclusive brands and stores. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-20 and Saturday 10-18.”
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““The house of literature”, it’s a café, restaurant, bookshop and event venue. It’s definitely one of our neighborhood favorites and they have a large patio for when the sun comes out. The place has great people watching and a few classics on their menu. We recommend it for lunch, (though dinner is also an option) and expect to pay somewhere between 160-220 NOK a dish. The bar holds a decent selection of both wine and craft beer. Litteraturhuset is located 3 minutes from your current holiday home. ”
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“Amazing bookstore with tons of titles in English (including Norwegian authors), a great selection of art books, a basement section dedicated to graphic novels, and helpful staff. ”
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“This place is actually a travel store, but they also serve some bakery items and cold drinks. Try their mango lassie–it's delightful! Pair it with a cinnamon bun for a perfect on-the-fly snack.”
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Clothing Store
“The only place in Oslo I buy clothes. As close as you get (in Oslo) to the now defunct Colettes in Paris and Dover Street Market in London.”
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“A really small and nice coffee place and bakery. One of my favourites. http://bakerhansen.no/”
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“A small graffiti made during the second world war by the resistance group in Norway named H7 (due to the king, Haakon the seventh of Norway). Not a lot of people know about this place. ”
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“Tiny quirky (steampunk, perhaps?) new and used bookstore curated by two brothers.”
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Book Store
“En av de få gjenlevende og "fristtstående" bokhandlene i byen. Svært hyggelig og kunnskapsrik betjening.”
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Book Store
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