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Mitä tehdä paikassa Province of Pisa

Tutustu kaupunkiin paikallisten vinkkien avulla. Etsi parhaat aktiviteetit ja ruokapaikat ja saa arvokkaita neuvoja ihmisiltä, jotka asuvat täällä.

“This Natural park is an oasi where you can connect with nature and see animals at arms lenght distance, it is possible to book a horse carriage visit of the park and arrive to see the beach.”
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“Emblem of the city of Pisa due to its Characteristic slope, the tower is the most famous monument in Piazza del Duomo. Built between the XII and the XIV century, the tower hangs because the ground has yielded already in the early stages of construction and has since remained so. Although it may cause a feeling of fear, do not be influenced: the vertical axis that passes through its center of gravity falls into the base, so unless the laws of physics are subverted, the tower will never fall. You think that The tower was designed by Diotisalvi, who was building the baptistery at the same time.”
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“One of the nicest campi in Italy. Wide open spaces with grass and lovely views of stunning architecture make it a nice place to have a picnic. Come early morning or sunset and you'll learn the definition of what the kids call "eyegasm."”
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Theme Park
“Cavallino Matto is the largest amusement park in Tuscany, open from March to October of each year. The park, the name of which means "The Crazy Little Horse" in Italian, is situated on 60,000 square metres of pine forest near the Marina di Castagneto... en.wikipedia.org”
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“The most beautiful square, it changes everyday because of the sea! Amazing sunsets.”
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Water Park
“Parco acquatico di sicuro divertimento per grandi e piccini. A 35 Km (circa 45 m in auto). ***** Water Park of safe fun for young and old. At 35 Km (about 45 m by car)”
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“You can visit the Lake of Torre del Lago by boat, but you cannot swim in it. The boat leaves from the square in front of the Lake, where the Puccini Villa Museum is. Timings vary, so it is better to go and check directly.”
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“Nice little acquarium to take the kids to and also a great way to get out of the heat.”
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General Travel
“The obvious leaning tower is fun for the children. Pisa's old historic centre is beautiful, so please add that to your to do list whilst there and on the way home, try and find the Marina di vechiano.”
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“Volterra is a walled mountaintop town 125 km south-east of Viareggio. You can get there by car or bus. Its history dates from before the 8th century BC and it has substantial structures from the Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval periods. Volterra was known to the ancient Etruscans as Velathri or Vlathri and to the Romans as Volaterrae. The town was a Bronze Age settlement of the Proto-Villanovan culture, and an important Etruscan center, one of the "twelve cities" of the Etruscan League. The site is believed to have been continuously inhabited as a city since at least the end of the 8th century BC. It became a municipium allied to Rome at the end of the 3rd century BC. The city was a bishop's residence in the 5th century, and its episcopal power was affirmed during the 12th century. With the decline of the episcopate and the discovery of local alum deposits, Volterra became a place of interest of the Republic of Florence, whose forces conquered Volterra. Florentine rule was not always popular, and opposition occasionally broke into rebellion. These rebellions were put down by Florence. When the Republic of Florence fell in 1530, Volterra came under the control of the Medici family and later followed the history of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.”
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Point of Interest
“Good international exhibitions! Check out for events for children and concerts held here.”
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“Giovanni Fattori was the leader of Macchiaioli, the Italian Impressionism. He was born in Livorno. In the beautiful villa MImbelli you will find most of his paintings. The villa is just amazing, hthe park is beautiful also for a picnic. ”
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History Museum
“Here you can find the history of the Vespa one of the symbol of the Italian design. It is a short visit, good to do also with kids.”
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Esittävän taiteen paikka
“La più vecchia e nella fortezza di Livormo proprio sul mare / The older fortress of the city right on the sea”
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“Teatro del Silenzio is the amazing set of the annual show of the famous Andrea Bocelli.”
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