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Nähtävyydet paikassa Quebec

“Just a 35 minute drive. "The ByWard Market is Ottawa’s number one tourist attraction, and is the premier destination for shopping, dining, arts, entertainment and professional services for residents and visitors. This area averages 50,000 visitors per weekend in the summer months. It is home to both a local farmers’ market and artisans with many stands, as well as over 600 businesses." Source: Byword Market website”
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“Les plaines d'Abraham sont un lieu historique en raison des guerres marquantes qui ont eu lieu là-bas. C'est une belle place pour un pique-nique. The Plains of Abraham are a historic place because of the significant wars that have taken place there. It’s a great place for a picnic. Los Llanos de Abraham son un lugar histórico debido a las guerras significativas que han ocurrido allí. Esto es un gran lugar para un picnic.”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“Mount Royal is absolutely amazing. There's atleast 3 amazing lookouts giving you entire unhindered views of the cityscape. Big forests and lots of trails to hike! We've also got a massive beautifully kept graveyard open to the public, it's a huge attraction. Lots of people jog these paths in the morning for the serenity and calmness. This is the number one place to be for the best pictures, hands down.”
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Historiallinen paikka
“Old Port Montreal is a tourist attraction, you can take good pictures and have fun with your friends!”
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“Sitting predominantly atop Quebec’s upper town, Château Frontenac is the capital’s emblem and most visited attraction. But despite its somewhat contradictory name, it was never a castle; the National Historic Site of Canada was actually built in the late 19th century as part of the series of “château” style hotels for the Canadian Pacific Railway company throughout Canada. While the now-Fairmont-owned hotel no longer offers guided tours, it is possible to step inside for a drink or a meal – check out make-your-own negronis at 1608 or the opulent brunch at Champlain Restaurant.”
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“If you like driving or would like to take a tour, don't miss visiting Old Quebec city! Beautiful part of the history of Quebec, great for shopping, food, drinks and taking pictures.”
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“Immense, intricate and beautiful Basilica in Old Montreal. Tons of history and awe inspiring construction. A must see!”
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History Museum
“Modern museum with archaeological digs and interactive exhibits in historical buildings.”
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“This church in the heart of old Montreal is a jewel of Quebec Heritage . Oh and also homegirl Celine Dion got married here! I would recommend you walk down the cross street St Sulpice to SSENSE cafe ( 5th floor ) for a UNIQUE coffee shop designed by renowned architect David Chipperfield or walk a little further down to hotel William gray for a meal or a classic Italian coffee shop now also running through them called Olympico. ”
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“Listed as the largest reconstructed settlement on actual historic property in North America. If the history of the battles for control of North America between the English and French empires interested you, then you must visit this site. Great for families, couples and singles. There is lots to see, do and learn, all done either self guided interpretations or guided tours. Wonderful experience for the whole family!”
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“Just walk around this area to get a feel for what Old Ottawa was like. Ottawa is derived from an Algonquin word which means "To Trade"”
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Historiallinen paikka
“Historic site of importance, but the gardens are exquisite; and adjacent to the main site is the GG's private forest with magical pathway through the woods. ideal for runners, or a peaceful Sunday stroll with a coffee.”
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Science Museum
“As the only environment museum in North America, the Biosphere's mission is to raise citizen awareness, action, and engagement in environmental issues. The museum offers interactive exhibits and guided activities. If only for the architecture of this structure, it's worth the detour. The surrounding nature is green and conducive to cyclists and walkers. There are several photography opportunities too.”
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Historiallinen paikka
“One of the best views of the city is from up here. The mountain is usually bustling with visitors, joggers, bikers, etc.”
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Historiallinen paikka
“Bask in the sun and soak your feet on fine sand while marveling at the beauty of Old Montreal! • Seasonal opening (May – September). • Chill out while overlooking historical Montreal, a view of Jacques Cartier Bridge and The Clock Tower while lounging at the edge of Montreal’s Old Port with fine sand, parasols and a refreshing mist on your face. • Scheduled fireworks in the evenings and Salsa folie events on Sundays. http://www.oldportofmontreal.com/attraction/clock-tower-beach”
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History Museum
“A little piece of Canadian history. It's chilly though so don't forget your sweater!”
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