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Nähtävyydet paikassa Richmond

“Best public park in RVA. Best place to picnic. Lovely vistas. Richmond's Central Park. A gilded age mansion and its grounds gifted to the city. I became engaged in the Italian Garden. Japanese Garden requires a lot of steps; worth the trip. Bear habitat is among the best in any zoo anywhere. If you have kids, consider the Animal Farm entrance instead of Hampton Street. I wrote the website for Maymont almost 20 years ago. Little of that probably remains. ”
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“AMAZING views and street art on the canal walk. If you're into taking photos - you'll definitely want to bring your camera when visiting. There are also canal tours available.”
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Historiallinen paikka
“Tour St John's Church or go to Sunday service. Oldest Church in Richmnd. Patrick Henry gave his famous "give me liberty or give me death" speech here. ”
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History Museum
“Wrought from the ruins of the Tredegar Ironworks factory, producer Confederate munitions during the Civil War, the American Civil War Museum is a tour-de-force. Too much to take in during a single visit, it is a life-long learning center. ”
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History Museum
“Historical site. I haven't ventured all the way through it yet, once the little ones get bigger we will. Looks super cool from what I've heard.”
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Capitol Building
“Jackson Ward - one of the oldest black neighbor hoods, even James Brown stayed there some nights. ”
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Monumentti / Maamerkki
“This is Richmond! Come walk run or drive historical Monument Avenue, the route of many local races.”
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“The resting place of 2 US Presidents, the only Confederate States President, Jefferson Davis and 25 Confederate generals, more than any other cemetery in the country. http://hollywoodcemetery.org/”
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History Museum
“If you want to learn about the Civil War, start here and make sure to visit Brown's Island to see the river overlook with a War timeline. http://www.tredegar.org/ ”
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“Adjacent to Byrd Park - offers a small zoo, gardens and a lot more. http://www.maymont.org/”
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