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“Great morning gathering place. They serve quality coffee, pastries and a relaxing atmosphere. ”
  • 11 paikallista suosittelee
“retail chain offering groceries, home goods, clothing, electronics and more. Located at 21320 Sw Langer Farms Pkwy, Sherwood”
  • 1 paikallinen suosittelee
“If your tired of the same old ice cream flavors you've got to check this place out! They've got so many delicious homemade flavors to choose from so get your free samples. ”
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  • 1 paikallinen suosittelee
Home Goods Store
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
Grocery or Supermarket
“We call it the candy store. They taught my daughter the value of a dollar. You can also buy milk, sugar, and beer if you need it.”
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
“They recently moved, still walkable. New 16227 SW 1st Street. Homemade treats and candies. ”
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee


Shopping Plaza
“Safeway, Walgreens, Napa, Target, Walmart, Mcmenamins, banks and movie theater and a ton more!”
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