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Grocery or Supermarket
“Offering organic produce, healthy foods, supporting local farms and producers, providing a pleasant shopping experience and ultimately a one stop shopping destination with low prices is paramount. Commodities Vermont strives to offer commitment to great selection, low prices, knowledgeable staff, intuitive store layout and a symbiotic relationship with their vendors. The store features fresh produce that’s predominantly organic or local, carefully-selected groceries, gourmet and specialty foods, local cheeses and other dairy products, freshly-baked breads, a gigantic selection of bulk items, grab and go items, natural health and beauty aids, minimally-processed wine, craft beer & cider.”
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“This store has been in business for 25 years. Established in 1994 By Donna Carpenter with the help of her good friend Ina Garten. So much to see, smell and taste, you don’t have a moment to work out whether you’re in the cheese markets of Holland or a traditional store in the Vermont mountains. In fact, once you’ve been inside this store, you may find it hard to leave. Freshly baked breads including rosemary & sea salt focaccia, ciabattas, baguettes, hearty multi grains, and parmesan grissini."”
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“Great spot right in town for a beautifully poured latte and a bite to eat. Insider Tip: Parking is tricky. Try for a spot behind the Community Church across the street. Also, if you're tempted to buy craft beer here, be sure to check the dates on the bottles/cans. (just saying...)”
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“Awesome little store with great things to buy and taste. Always a first stop when friends are up! ”
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Ski Shop
“Outdoor recreation store that offers ski and bike rentals as well as outdoor clothing essentials”
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“Wonderful small plates and appetizers to go with some great wine. Although, they do have beer and seltzer on the menu. You can also purchase in their store as well for enjoyment at home”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“A little further than Shaws/Stowe but its a "full sized" grocery store and will have more selection, especially during holiday weekends”
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“Great place to go for those who have specific dietary requirements. ( vegan, gluten free etc. )”
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