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Best things to do in Metropolitan City of Turin

History Museum
“The Egyptian Museum of Torino is the second world biggest museum after those of El Cairo in Egypt, thanks to the richness and importance of its collection due to the enormous work done by prof. Ernesto Schiaparelli (1859-1928) in archeological campaigns. He was absolutely the first man who discovered the Queen Nefertari’s tomb .”
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“Located in the impressive Mole Antonelliana tower. For all things cinema and movie related, this is the place to be!”
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“Versailles was copied over the plans of Venaria Reale! admitted by the French Versailles employees! Worth a trip”
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Historiallinen paikka
“It was originally built in the 16th century and was later modernized by Christine Marie of France in the 17th century, with designs by the Baroque architect Filippo Juvarra. The Royal Garden, north and east of the palace, was designed in 1697 by André le Nôtre, who also created the gardens at Versailles. The Palazzo Reale ticket allows you to view the Galleria Sabauda, the personal art collection of the Savoy monarchy, which was amassed over 400 years and includes gems by Van Dyck, Rubens and Lippi, and the archaeological Museum of Antiquities.”
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“if you are visiting the Quadrilatero neighbourhood you have to stop here and ask for a "Bicerin", a tasteful drink made by coffee, chocolate and cream.”
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“World Class museum on automobile history from the steam carriage to the latest Ferrari. It has recently been renovated, so has lots of interactive displays. ”
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“In a beautiful palace very close to the apartment, the Museum of Oriental Art”
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“Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja is a palace in Turin, northern Italy. 2,5 km from the house”
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“Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.”
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“This bar takes his name from a typical drink of piedmont aperitifs. Turin people use to go there to drink a beer or a pastis and chilling, during all day. The place has particular details, like a piece of Berlin's wall seted in the floor”
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“D'estate c'è la fila fuori per gustare la loro specialità: la granita siciliana.”
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“In Piscina, a village after Pinerolo, there’ s the Zoom Park. U can swim with penguins and other wild animals http://www.zoomtorino.it ”
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Soccer Stadium
“[IT] Stadio della Juventus, per andare a vedere una partita o fare il tour. [ENG] Juventus Stadium, you can go for a match or take a tour”
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Soccer Stadium
“[IT] Stadio del Toro o Olimpico. [ENG] Torino FC stadium and also Olympic stadium.”
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“This bar is the heart of Piazza Vittorio. Furnished as an old grocery store, but with armchairs, big couches and large tables, that make you feel like home; during the summer the dheors stretches out onto the square. There is dj set from the aperitif until late night”
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“Another " Hunting House " (Palazzina di Caccia) ..smaller than La Venaria Reale but its old dancing hall will remain impressed in your memories (I think so!) ”
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