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Lee + White

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September 30, 2020
As the largest conglomeration of local brands, Lee + White represents 23 acres of entrepreneurial passion and community support. The property’s 500,000-square-foot imprint is home to native breweries, innovative menus and eatery options, creatively crafted cocktails and sweet treats.
March 26, 2020
Lee + White has a long history of serving Atlanta. Dating back to the 1950’s, Lee + White’s 14 consecutive buildings were known as “Warehouse Row.” This once transportation and logistics hub continues to embody the same bustling energy today. As the largest conglomeration of local brands, Lee +…
November 12, 2019
Craft breweries & distilleries Food and dining Event venue Beltline Access
November 8, 2019
This place is awesome, it is off the famous Atlanta Beltline with new Breweries and eateries...very cool spot for the whole family. It has food trucks, restaurants, wine tastings, beltline, outdoor games etc.
October 13, 2019
Less than 1 mile away... hottest new food & beverage district consisting of several breweries & restaurants!!

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“Long-standing donut and coffee chain. Home of the Hot Light, a neon sign signaling donuts are hot and fresh coming off the line. There's even an app for that!”
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“Note from Cultured South Fermentation Co: With one visit to our first-of-its-kind taproom and retail store, our passion for our products will be obvious. We are centered around health, wellness, food culture, traditions and down-south hospitality. We thrive on bringing you new flavors of fermentation that we cultivate just feet away in our brewery and fermentation kitchen. We are honored to work with local farmers and quality southern ingredients. We take fresh local produce, herbs, and fruits, to create fun fermented goods made just for our community: you. Cultured South Fermentation Company is the creation of brewmaster, Melanie Wade, founder of Atlanta's first and only kombucha company, Golda Kombucha. Wade brews kombucha tea using her Grandma Golda's original recipe and has been since college. With Golda's heirloom culture, Wade expanded her kombucha business across the Southeast, premiering smooth flavor combinations like peach ginger, lavender lemonade and strawberry mint in 2013. Golda Kombucha can now be found in over 100 Kroger and Whole Foods markets. In 2016, Wade got to work growing Cultured South Fermentation Company, Atlanta's first marketplace for healthy, living foods made in the South. To launch a brick-and-mortar tap room, Wade signed on as a tenant at the Lee + White adaptive reuse development in Atlanta’s historic West End. The dynamic warehouse space operates as a kombucha tasting room, brewery, shop, and research and development kitchen. Spawning from the success of Golda Kombucha, Cultured South is the adopted parent of Pure Abundance artisan vegan cheeses which are handmade and sold onsite. The tap room is a home base for the Atlanta community to connect and learn through the natural abundance of Cultured South’s local, probiotic-rich goods. Find the Cultured South Tap Room on the Atlanta BeltLine in the historic West End neighborhood.”
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“Awesome pizza place owned by one of our neighbors and within walking distance. ”
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Point of Interest
“our favorite whiskey! small distillery. Once you're here, you can walk to Monday Night Garage Brewery and Wild Heaven Brewery. The area is open-container.”
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“A great area to walk, ride bikes, skate, or jog through the Westside of Atlanta and experience the art, culture, and a few local restaurants and breweries.”
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1020 White St SW
Atlanta, GA 30310
Puhelin+1 404-962-8600