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_alpfeeling_Hiljainen paikka maaseudulla, idylli, rentoutuminen, ALM aivan ovellasi. Huoneistossa "Oimfeeling" voit nauttia loman Berchtesgadener ja Salzburger Land! Huoneistossamme, remontoitu rakkaudella, löydät kaiken onnistuneen loman: pysäköinti, keittiö astianpesukone ja kahvinkeitin, parivuode, Smart TV, oma kylpyhuone, wifi. Suuri puutarha kutsuu ottamaan aurinkoa, grillaamaan ja rentoutumaan. Alppilaidun voidaan käyttää yhteisymmärryksessä kanssamme

Chata TRÆ
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Chata TRÆPohjoismainen mökki Etelä-Böömissä ?! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Домик у реки с сауной и бочкой фурако
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Домик у реки с сауной и бочкой фуракоОтдохните на природе от городской суеты, начав свое утро с красивым видом на реку, в которой можно днём покупаться, а вечером порыбачить. В домике есть финская сауна ( включена в стоимость проживания). У террасы находится бочка Фурако , • она не включена в стоимость. Растопка бочки , только ко дню заезда, к 17:00: цена 3.000 руб. Вода в бочке чистая, из скважины, наливается для каждых гостей индивидуально.

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Wortshaus: Illustration & Ferienwohnung mit Sauna
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Modern cottage in the woods (with sauna & hot tub)
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Gemütliches Naturhaus mit Garten nah der Ostsee
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Villa LHJ Heinämäki

Parhaat arviot saanutta tekemistä paikassa Eastern Europe

Paikallisten asiantuntijoiden järjestämiä ainutlaatuisia aktiviteetteja, joiden laatu on tarkastettu

  • Sunset Sea Kayaking in Dubrovnik.
    After a quick introduction (safety, route of the trip, signs that we use etc..) we will start a kayak experience along the beautiful coast! We will kayak at sunset, seeing the cave beach Betina, where we are going to have a break for a snack (fruit or sandwiches). This cave is reachable only by the sea, so you will be able to relax and enjoy the underwater world of the Adriatic Sea with privacy and peace. After some time in Betina cave, we are going to continue kayaking across the channel to the island of Lokrum. Don't worry, we will be having numerous stops to rest a bit, to drink some water, to take amazing pictures from your kayak of the mystical Lokrum caves and, the best part of the tour, taking pictures of the sunset over Dubrovnik and over the sea. This experience will cover up to 7,5 km of paddling (it's a quite intense experience), after which, we will offer you some local wine in a romantic Pile bay! Other things to note Meeting 30 min before the tour! Just beneath the restaurant Orhan..please ask for Darko and x-adventure!
    Alkaen Hinta:34€/henkilö
  • Adventure Dubrovnik Sea Kayaking
    Set off from the Old Town, where looking up at the imposing medieval walls, you’ll get a true invaders’ perspective of the city! Delve into the history and battle scars of the 900-year-old walls before we set course towards waters near the cursed island of Lokrum. As we paddle near the lushly wooded isle, you’ll discover the roots of its age-old curse, hear tales of the island’s remarkable previous inhabitants and take in stunning views. Amidst towering rocks and the translucent blue-green Adriatic we visit a sea cave on the far side of the island. Listen to it echo with the island’s secrets. We then circle back towards the mainland, passing by the entrancing ruins of what was once the most beautiful hotel in the area. We “drop anchor” at a spectacular beach cave for sunbathing, selfies, swimming or snorkeling through crystal waters, and refuel on a host provided snack. Paddling onward, snap photos of Dubrovnik’s ‘Beverly Hills’, the area’s most glamorous and expensive neighborhood. At the edge of the Old Town harbor we stop near Lazareti, Europe’s first quarantine zone. On final approach take pictures and bask in the spectacular sky-meets-sea views of the Old Town. Other things to note No experience is necessary. Route may be customized. A single kayak will be assigned only if a guest can't be paired up. Kayaking's very popular in Dubrovnik. Expect high-season crowds at the cave.
    Alkaen Hinta:27€/henkilö
  • Explore Card Magic
    The art of playing card manipulations is an old genre in sleight of hand magic. There's endless tricks and countless techniques that can be learnt. Thousands of hours practicing with deck of cards made me an expert in this field. During this online experience I'm going to share main ideas behind this art, show off my favorite tricks and teach basics of card magic (if you want to). You'll leave this Online Experience ready to impress your friends and family with a couple very strong tricks. If you don't have playing cards around and want to just have fun with your team - no problem! Let me know beforehand and I will focus only on the magic part! This experience is great for: - family party - team building event (up to 500 ppl) - birthday party - kids party Want a private session? Just send me a message or use "booking request" option and we'll organize your individual session. And don't hesitate asking my availability. Sometimes I am late to update my schedule here, so please feel free to send me a request for any day that suits you best! More information about me and my craft here: evgenymoskalov.com
    Alkaen Hinta:22€/henkilö
  • Walking through history of Dubrovnik
    We'll take a walk through Dubrovnik's history while re-living its most glorious, as well as it's darkest times. The tour starts at Pile gate where we'll emerge into this millennia-long story, starting with the arrival of the very first inhabitants. From their humble beginnings to the making of the City walls, you'll get a full understanding of the birth of Dubrovnik through chronological stories! In the Old town itself, we'll get to know the great Republic of Ragusa, medieval Dubrovnik, up-close and personal. We're going to get into the most important aspects of its medieval past - religious, political and public - speaking of subjects such as: social awareness of the Government, natural disasters, progressive decisions, inventions and Ragusa's substantial downfall thanks to Napoleon himself! Not to dwell too much in medieval ages, we'll also talk about present times - from the Yugoslavian war in 1991, to the local life today in the Old town, in Dubrovnik and in Croatia, too. My stories and your questions will paint a picture of a highly advanced, medieval city-state that can still be found in the modern streets we walk on. Luckily, we know just where to find it :) ***Your guides will be Tanja or Michelle, depending on their availability***
    Alkaen Hinta:20€/henkilö
  • Bike in the ancient Rome
    All roads lead to Rome! If Roman roads are so famous the Ancient Appian Way is the Queen of the Roman Roads and you'll see it exactly as it was 2000 years ago. First we will meet at the Bar and have a coffee before we start. Than we'll bike through a park, to the most ancient Roman road, the Appian Way, with glimpses of rare beauty, and get to the ancient Roman Aqueducts immersed in typical Mediterranean nature. The ride is relaxing, with many stops, the pace is slow, you get to see Rome off the beaten path, enjoying the surprising beauty of mother nature and ancient ruins, just a few kilometers apart from the hustle and bustle of the city center. So GET READY TO RIDE FOR ALMOST 15 KM (10 MILES), through some of the city’s most unique sightseeing, discover hidden spots in nature, see some of the unknown gems of Rome and get back to your place with perfect pictures. Other things to note: You will have to be able to ride for 15 km (10 miles), almost all in the plain, part on regular roads (with cars), plus part on unpaved bumping roads. Bring a bottle for water, sunglasses and cream in summer time, a raincoat if rain is expected.
    Alkaen Hinta:36€/henkilö