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mukava vanha talo lähellä metsää luonnossa
Koko vuokrattava yksikkö · 4 vierasta · 2 vuodetta · 1 kylpyhuone

mukava vanha talo lähellä metsää luonnossapuhumme englantia, asumme vanhassa talossa turistisessa mutta hyvin rauhallisessa paikassa.

minitalo · 3 vierasta · 2 vuodetta · 1 kylpyhuone

PuutaloTimber House tarjoaa erinomaisen pakopaikan kiireisille ja väsyneille kaupunkilaisille. Tule lataamaan itsesi tähän yksityiseen retriittiin, jossa yksityiskohtien huomioiminen luo ainutlaatuisen ja unohtumattoman kokemuksen. Puutalo rakennettiin niille, jotka voivat arvostaa yksinkertaista täydellisyyttä. Sillä on oma tilava puutarha, sauna ja rentoutumisalue ja se on lähellä luontoa.

Mökki Dubin alla
Koko mökki · 4 vierasta · 2 vuodetta · 1 kylpyhuone

Mökki Dubin allaVastaremontoitu, mukava ja viihtyisä mökki Pod Dubem upealla paikalla Bohemian Paradisen sydämessä. Luonnon ympäröimänä voit nauttia hämmästyttävästä rauhasta, rauhallisuudesta ja näköaloista. Välittömässä läheisyydessä on panoraamareittejä ja näköaloja, kauniita kävely- ja pyöräilypolkuja. Hrad Valdštejn on 1,5 km: n päässä, Hrubá Skálan linna 4 km: n päässä. Kostin linna ja lammet Podtroseckien laaksossa ovat noin 9 km: n päässä. Turnovin keskustaan on 5 minuutin ajomatka. Muita aktiviteetteja ja aktiviteetteja tarjotaan Jizera-joen varrella.

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  1. Koko mökki
  2. Przesieka
Domandi lodge 3 - sauna,hiihtovaatekaappi,keittiö,wifi
  1. Koko vuokrattava yksikkö
  2. Dolní Zálezly
Luxury House,PRIME/MASIONETTE,4 min Elbelle
  1. minitalo
  2. Křižany
  1. Matkailuauto/-vaunu
  2. Lázně Bělohrad
Zevvl | Tiny House at the Foot of Forests
  1. Koko vuokrattava yksikkö
  2. Hlavní město Praha
Moderni asunto lähellä kaupungin keskustaa ja kahvia sinulle
  1. Koko vuokrattava yksikkö
  2. Praha 3
Keskusstudio uudessa asunnossa (Garage Spotilla)
  1. Koko vierassviitti
  2. Praha 2
Asunnot Riegrovy surullinen näkymät Muzeum.
  1. Koko mökki
  2. Libuň
Boheemi paratiisi - Chalet Libunec
  1. Koko lomamökki
  2. Stružinec
Viehättävä mökki Podkrkonošíssa, Stružinec
  1. Koko lomamökki
  2. Oybin
Exklusives Ferienhaus mit Whirlpool und Sauna
  1. Koko asuintalo
  2. Dubá
Viikonloppu-asunto Mácha Kokořínsko
  1. Koko vuokrattava yksikkö
  2. Praha 3
Ystävällisiä huoneistoja Prahassa + Parveke #212

Parhaat arviot saanutta tekemistä paikassa Elbe

Paikallisten asiantuntijoiden järjestämiä ainutlaatuisia aktiviteetteja, joiden laatu on tarkastettu

  • Savor ten course dinner in chef’s home
    I invite you to start with bites intriguing your appetite, continue with delicious meals & discover new flavor combinations. End the evening with spectacular edible painting as a dessert. I will welcome you in my iconic, red & black chef jacket with a smile, ready to cook you the best meal ever. You have a seat and immediately feel like at home, but with the luxury of having a private chef with you. Something, that only a few people in the world can enjoy. I will light candles for you, making the atmosphere even warmer. You will receive your personalized menu, which is not the case even for the best restaurants in Prague. I will personally cook & serve you each course of the menu, describing individual dishes, and discovering all the stories. Example of the seasonal 10-course multi-sensory menu: Homemade cream cheese - tomato - flax seed Broccoli - cauliflower - nutmeg Zucchini - bell pepper - smoked almond Mushroom - spring onion - radish Cranberry - blackcurrant - local flowers Potato - buttermilk - dill Chicken - carrot - corn Pork - celeriac - cabbage Watermelon - strawberry - mint Spectacular edible painting for dessert *My kitchen and apartment have been described as impeccably clean in many of the reviews **Since the very first guest I hosted, I always use gloves while handling and cooking food for you ***Handwashing soap and hand sanitizer on-site
    Alkaen Hinta:72€/henkilö
  • The Art of Falconry and Bird Rescue ✨
    ☝ Winner of the best "Insider Access" experience in Prague in 2019 ☝ You will first get familiar with all our birds, and the way our breeding station operates to save various endangered species. Then, you will participate in feeding the birds of prey, including our bald eagle Helen, vulture Omar, pair of Harris hawks and a few others. They will fly just above your heads, and they will land (should you dare to try it!) on your arm protected by a special glove. We will finish off by showcasing the training of the fastest bird of prey on the planet, our falcon Gulliver. This is a hands-on experience, quite literally! Other things to note This is and all-weather event. Even though this is mainly outdoor activity, there is a garden house providing cover from an incidental rain from which you can still fully participate in the whole event. We also have umbrellas and blankets for everybody.
    Alkaen Hinta:38€/henkilö
  • Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague
    +Team events up to 500 people+ Step back into time and virtually experience the empty streets of Prague during the Black Death and plagues of the 17th and 18th centuries. Through video, we'll follow the footsteps of Dr. Alexander Schamsky, an unknown Czech hero who fought the plague in 1713. From the “personal protective equipment” of the time to the deserted landmarks of the city, you’ll immerse yourself in the forgotten history of the pneumonic and bubonic plagues. Our recorded video has no audio as we comment everything live we see. The movie was shot with a professional camera during times of quarantine and shows the abandoned old town. One of our 3 Plague Doctors will take you on the journey to visit the famous Charles Bridge, walk around the Old Town Square, and go into the Jewish Quarter, discovering hidden gems in the dark streets. We´ll stop by the old St. Francis hospital and conclude the tour at the convent of St. Agnes. So, not only will you traverse time, but you’ll also get the sense of travel—all from the comfort of your home. Private Halloween event in October? This special shows the abandoned old town in a spooky design with eerie sounds and live narration hosted by your personal plague doctor. So set your lanterns, get on your broom and "ring around the rosie, with a pocket full of posies" or get inspired by our czech tradition and "burn some witches"...
    Alkaen Hinta:16€/henkilö
  • SUPPAILE Prahan keskustassa
    We will meet up at my Paddle station close to the center. I will teach you a bit about balance, and everything you need to know for your good ride along the Vltava river! Our tour begins in front of Vyšehrad (upper castle), and then we will paddle toward the city center, where we will enjoy the magnificent panorama of Prague Castle and the many bridges. Along the way, I will point out important points of interest and tell you some fun facts about their history. I will share some tales that will help you to understand this city and its river. Seeing the city from such a unique vantage point, with me as your River Ambassador will be the highlight of your time in Prague. What this experience will bring you: - You will learn How to SUP, or you'll improve your skills in it - You will be introduced to the city by a local historian - Digitally captured memories (Photos) - Get some tips from me to go to eat, drink or whatever you like “Prague without the Vltava River would be like an orchestra without its conductor.” Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions or need advice on your Prague visit! P.S. More photos from the tours here ↓ https://www.instagram.com/supprague
    Alkaen Hinta:50€/henkilö
  • Paint by enamel in workshop Smalterie!
    We are open again and looking forward to host You. In our workshop. In workshop I cooperate with another lektors, you can meet Radek, Karel, Jenny, Joy, Josephine, Bara, or Fakhti, not only me :-) We will show you how enameling works, how to use enamel paints and then you will have a go at painting a mug yourself. When you finish your mug, we will fire it in a furnace so you can take it home with you straight away. Enameling is such a unique technique – powdered glass paint is applied on a metal base and fired at 800°C. We will show you everything you need to know and will be available to you throughout your whole stay. You do not need to bring anything, just yourself! This workshop is great for both groups or individuals, adults or children, team building or hen parties, birthday parties. Other things to note Duration circa 2 hours (but you can stay longer). If you would like a different time slots (between 12:00-18:00) - just let us know (we will check availability and add slots for you.)
    Alkaen Hinta:12€/henkilö