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A contemporary cottage, overlooking Dnipro River
Koko mökki · 7 vierasta · 4 vuodetta · 1 kylpyhuone

A contemporary cottage, overlooking Dnipro RiverVain 60 km Kiovasta etelään, aivan Vytachivin viehättävän kylän ulkopuolella, löydät Little Riverbirdin kartanon. Vanhojen tammi- ja aprikoosipuiden ympäröimä luonnonvarainen maapala syleilee kävijää täydellisellä seikkailulla ja yksinäisyydellä. 75m2 talo on edessä, sillä on suuri terassi ja panoraama ikkunat, nouseva aurinko ja majesteettinen Dnipro joki.

Коттедж со спальней "Хомене"
Koko lomamökki · 4 vierasta · 1 vuode · 1,5 kylpyhuonetta

Коттедж со спальней "Хомене"Хотите провести время на свежем воздухе или просто расслабиться в финской сауне после трудной недели? Насладиться шашлыком, зажаренным собственноручно? Посетите коттеджа «Хомене» !! «Хомене» - это территория отдыха, расположенная возле урочища «Хомин лес» ( «Хомы») -древний трипольского поселения, датируемый первой половиной 4 ст. до н.э. Мы работаем, чтобы ваш отдых был незабываемым.

Glamping Moon House
Teltta · 2 vierasta · 1 vuode · 1 kylpyhuone

Glamping Moon HouseSituated in the center of cultural and historical Ukrainian heritage - between Kiev (50km), Pereyaslav (30km) and Kanev, Tarasova Mountain and also close to sights as Flooded church and Trachtemir peninsula. Our fully equipped heated tent is in the green oasis under the old oak trees next to the pine forest and 8min walk to the nice lake for swimming. We can cook for you. We'll provide you a bathroom, a kitchen and electricity. You can also go picturesque kayaking with our guide and rent bikes.

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  1. Koko asuintalo
  2. Khalep'ya
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  1. Koko asuintalo
  2. Protsiv
Ei vielä arvosteluja
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. Voron'kiv
Апартаменты для семей, на чемпионат по футболу
  1. Koko mökki
  2. Plyuty
Cabin near the wood and river. Koncha-Zaspa
  1. Koko asuintalo
  2. Вороньків
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. Ukrainka
Уютная комната с лоджией, прекрасный видом
  1. Koko asuintalo
  2. Liplyave
Аренда дома посуточная у воды и леса
  1. Koko hotellipalveluja tarjoava huoneisto
  2. Pereiaslav
Комната #6 в отеле «Три Коня»
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  1. Koko asuintalo
  2. Kiova
Аренда дома на берегу реки с бассейном и сауной
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  1. Koko asuintalo
  2. Rzhyshchiv
Дом с прекрасным видом в г. Rzhyshchiv
  1. Koko vuokrattava yksikkö
  2. Ukrainka
cozy apartment near river
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  1. Matkailuauto/-vaunu
  2. Soshnykiv
Аренда зах буд31,5 кв.м., Борисп. р, село Сошників

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Paikallisten asiantuntijoiden järjestämiä ainutlaatuisia aktiviteetteja, joiden laatu on tarkastettu

  • Tours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
    Getting on a comfortable minivan with a climate control system Arrival at the 30km check point Dydiatky Passport control and going into the Exclusion Zone Visiting the sights in Chernobyl town such as the welcoming sign of Chernobyl town, the memorials “Wormwood Star” and “To those Who Saved the World”, the exhibition on the open air of robots. Visiting Chernobyl-2, an abandoned military town in just 10 km from the ChNPP Taking pictures of the magnificent over-the horizon radar “Duga” also known as the “Russian Woodpecker” Going to the Industrial site of the Chernobyl Power plant Seeing the reactors of the first, second and third stages of the ChNPP, the New Safe Confinement which now covers the Old Sarcophagus built over reactor № 4 back in 1986 Going to the abandoned city of Prypiat Visiting such sights as the welcoming sign of Prypiat city, “Red Forrest”, “Bridge of Death”, Walking about Prypiat to feel the special atmosphere of its streets and yards, to see the central square, City Hall, hotel Polissia, palace of culture “Energetic”, supermarket, communication center, and many other sights. Going through the contamination checking at the 10km Zone check point and the 30km Zone check point Return to Kyiv Other things to note A pass is required to visit it. To get a pass you need to provide a passport data: Full name, Date of Birth, Passport ID, Citizenship
    Alkaen Hinta:122€/henkilö
  • Street Food and Street Art
    Street food and street art work together just perfectly, don't they? Imagine Kyiv like a book. Tourists rarely see more than a cover. Let me open this book for you and help you read it. Let me take you to the streets and courtyards that most people hardly ever notice on their own. Let me show you 15 murals that speak volumes of life in Kyiv, sculptures that are often made of crazy materials and ... a glorious raven that can understand human language. And yes, let's eat while we're walking! Gastronomically speaking, on this tour you will: - visit the oldest fast food spot in town; - try the most popular street food in Kyiv; - sip delicious coffee/tea at a cool arty location; - and yes, savour a traditional Ukrainian street food piece. Visually speaking, we are going to have a 5-km walk in the city centre which is a hunt for visual treasures in fact. Other things to note Come thoroughly hungry, please, and wear comfortable shoes)
    Alkaen Hinta:32€/henkilö
  • Photowalk in the center of Kyiv
    During the shooting we will go through the most beautiful corners of Kiev and drink coffee. We will take a lot of pictures and enjoy the beauty of the city! Let's start our walk from Independence Square and walk along the main street of Kiev - Khreschatyk. Then we will rise to the symbol of friendship - the Arch of Friendship of Peoples. After this, we will walk along the famous glass bridge with a beautiful view of the Left Bank. We walk along the Andrew’s Descent, go for a coffee, and then take a walk along the Postal Square and the embankment of the Dnipro. On the funicular we will go up to the Mikhailovsky and St. Sophia Square and we will reach the legendary Golden Gate. That's it, our photo walk is over.
    Alkaen Hinta:80€/henkilö
  • Through the places of Euromaidan 2014
    We will start the tour from the prerequisites or Euromaidan. Then we will chronologically go through all the important events and places of the revolution and the decisions, that defined its flow. Throughout the tour, we will dive into protesters' everyday life, volunteer initiatives and, more importantly, cultural and societal transformations during the protest. In the end, we will discuss what this revolution has brought to Ukrainian history and why it became so important for the people. Apart from learning about Euromaidan, I invite you to consider these events in a broader context and discuss the situation in Ukraine and its place on the world map. From my side, I will try to give you local's perspective on Euromaidan and the current situation in Ukraine. Other things to note I will have an extra mask and sanitizer with me if needed. Also, I will keep the necessary distance between me and guests during the tour.
    Alkaen Hinta:29€/henkilö
  • Secrets of Soviet architecture
    We will start our experience with exploring so called "monsters of Soviet modernism", located outside of the central part of the city. It's an impressive university area,where buildings seem monstrous but beautiful at the same time. I'll show you huge Soviet facades and concrete relieves loaded with ideology, calling for the bright future and progress, fulll of symbolism and allusions. It is also a place where international music bands like to shoot music videos because of the unusual, monumental settings. Then we'll see an example of a massive brutalist architecture with its heavy and unusual forms. I’ll also show you the building that was featured in the famous Chernobyl series. Next, we'll walk into an area created in the past to demonstrate Soviet industrial and agricultural achievements. We'll discover richly decorated "stalinist empire style" buildings with Soviet symbols, emblems, awards, statues of workers and collective farmers. During this experince, you will learn curious facts about architecture, history and ideology of the past, as well as about the life of normal people and students in an off-center area. Other things to note This experince will be great for you, if you like exploring untouristic, off-the-beaten-track areas and if you're fond of architecture, symbolism and history.
    Alkaen Hinta:61€/henkilö