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Vieraat ovat yhtä mieltä: nämä majoittumiset ovat saaneet hyvät arviot sijainnista, puhtaudesta ja muista ominaisuuksista.

Suunnittelijan talo
Koko asuinkäytössä · 5 vierasta · 1 vuode · 1,5 kylpyhuonetta

Suunnittelijan taloTaloni on suunniteltu suunnittelijalle,joten se on ainutlaatuinen ja erilainen normaali japanilainen talo. Täällä on asuinalue, joten voit rentoutua ja tuntea olosi aidoksi japanilaiseksi elämäksi.

Koko huvila · 10 vierasta · 8 vuodetta · 1,5 kylpyhuonetta

抗菌、抗ウイルスコーティング剤『イオニアミストプロ』施工済みの新築物件![KOTOHAKU] Kizumachi 2階バルコニーには高級ジャグジーとリラックスソファがお出迎え! ベッドルーム2つに、広いリビングダイニング、台所用品が全て揃ったキッチン、そしてアメニティ付きシャワールームを自由にお使いいただけます。 敷地内駐車場には最大3台駐車して頂けます。 奈良市内はもちろん、京都・大阪へもアクセスしやすいので、リッチ且つ効率的に京阪奈を観光できます。 家族と、友達と、大切な人と素敵な京阪奈トリップ送りたい方に自信を持ってオススメします!

Koko asuinkäytössä · 8 vierasta · 3 vuodetta · 1,5 kylpyhuonetta

抗菌、抗ウイルスコーティング剤『イオニアミストプロ』施工済みの新築物件![KOTOHAKU] Minagose JR西木津駅徒歩8分。 JR奈良駅まで電車14分(片道200円)。 屋上に上がると高級ジャグジーとリラックスソファがお出迎え! ベッドルーム3つに、広いリビング、台所用品が全て揃ったキッチン、そしてアメニティ付きシャワールームを自由にお使いいただけます。 敷地内駐車場には1台駐車して頂けます。 奈良市内はもちろん、京都・大阪へもアクセスしやすいので、リッチ且つ効率的に京阪奈を観光できます。 徒歩10分圏内にレストラン、スーパー、コンビニ等ございます。 家族と、友達と、大切な人と素敵な京阪奈トリップ送りたい方に自信を持ってオススメします!

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Muita upeita loma-asuntoja kaupungissa Soraku District

  1. Koko huvila
  2. Jōyō-shi
京宿 富野-政府认定旅馆经营许可
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. Kasagi, Soraku District
Tarbon talo Kioto: Luonnollinen piilopaikka, Kioton talo, grillipuutarha
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. 綴喜郡
[#3]Authentic wooden share house 1 min to station
  1. Maatilamajoitus
  2. Kasagi-chō, Sōraku-gun
Kiehtova ja viihdyttävä maaseutumatka Kiotossa
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. Nara-shi
Nara Gakuenmae garden share house-B
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. 城陽市
**New Open !!** Free portable wifi device
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. Nara-shi
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. 相楽郡笠置町
"YOSHI" A superb Japanese-style house in mountain
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. Wazuka-chō
Aamiaismajoitus Deep Kiotossa
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. 綴喜郡
[#2]Authentic wooden share house 1 min to station
  1. Jaettu huone
  2. Minamiyamashiro-mura
  1. Yksityinen huone
  2. 相楽郡精華町
AbbeyRoad Inn Seika <日本的蔬食 Vegetarian Breakfast>

Parhaat arviot saanutta tekemistä paikassa Soraku District

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Japanese Bento Box for Lunch & Dinner
    We are so happy to introduce our favorite and most popular Japanese dish to you!! Japanese egg omelets (tamagoyaki) and chicken meat balls (tsukune) are easy to make, taste great and you’ll never get tired of eating them! The cooking flow includes 4 steps: 1. Make Japanese style egg omelets 2. Prepare teriyaki chicken meat-balls with home-made teriyaki sauce 3. Cutting an apple in the shape of a bunny 4. Serving with cooked rice and decorating the dish to finish We also share values with you during cooking: ・creative time Eggs and meat-balls with green leaves, you can create your own bento just like a flower bed with apple bunny. ・Lots of culture and stories about the bento box A bento box is small space but contains lots of family stories in each bento box. I will share my special memories with our “soul-foods” bento box. ・Sustainable friendly home kitchen ideas I will share Japanese kitchen ideas for no waste. This experience has been used for TEAM-BUILDING, COPORATE EVENTS and BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Teams from LinkedIn, Twitter and other companies have joined making bento boxes with us. Contact us to create your private party!! If you have trouble finding the ingredient or questions, please let me know too! Individuals, couples, friends, family, and team-members; let’s hop in the kitchen and enjoy cooking together! ig @hata_home_kitchen Website: hatahome.kitchen/
    Alkaen Hinta:16€/henkilö
  • Making 1000 Origami Cranes Together
    My Origami workshop is great for groups, team-building! I've done with so many groups from companies and universities. If you can't find a suitable slot, please contact me for a new date and time. First, I'll show you how popular Origami is among the Japanese people. And next, I'll show you the brief story and history of "1000 Origami cranes." You'll know why we find many of them at Shinto Shrines and some War memorial parks all over Japan. And then it's time to make "One thousand origami cranes" together! It takes about 20 minutes to 30 minutes to make one crane. So in my Origami experience, let's do 1 to 3 Origami cranes depending on how fast you can make. After making some Origami cranes, let's put them together with strings. If you want to make "One thousand origami cranes," you can keep going after my experience. Historically, Japanese people make "One thousand origami cranes" for happiness, eternal good luck, long life, or recovery from illness or injury. But this time, let's make and pray for the earliest convergence of COVID19. I'll make thousands of cranes out of this Airbnb experience, and I'll take them to the famous Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and pray for the earliest convergence of COVID19, too! After making Origami cranes, I can show you how to make Origami balloons and Ninja stars, too :) I'm looking forward to e-meeting you all soon!
    Alkaen Hinta:20€/henkilö
  • Learn Kawaii wagashi making over matcha
    We'll first show you our showcase of our original designed sweets before we start class! Then "Ta-da!" I invite you to enter my atelier normally customers cannot come in & here we go! A local fluent translator Atsuo will help me in explaining details about wagashi ingredients, motifs, and technique! First you will learn about basic ingredients, materials and tools for making wagashi using visual chart, and I will demonstrate the basic skills step by step for you to follow and do the same way by modelling, moulding, and shaping your own Japanese sweet. You can learn not only the basic skills of making, but also the beauty of Japanese traditional colours used and how I express seasons in the design of the "sweets". Don't worry, you can take your time at your own pace, and focus on getting inspiration and enjoying the making! There are some difficult techniques where I will help you. :-)  Also, you can ask me to take photos of your making as you have to keep your hands clean! Making will be about 40 minutes, and when finished, we will have a matcha tea time to taste your own wagashi. My wife will also pack the remaining wagashi for your taking out! Ingredients are red beans(azuki), white kidney beans, sugar, yam potato, agar, and edible colors from vegetables and plants. Sometimes I may use egg yolk or rice powder, which I can avoid to use if you ask me in advance. Other things to note After the experience, we will serve you matcha tea (included in the price), and you can eat your own sweets you made through your experience. For wagashi you will make I only use natural edible colors from vegetables and plants.
    Alkaen Hinta:28€/henkilö
  • Braid silk bracelet like anime heroine
    Enjoy 1.5hours with Michiko and Toshiko by making traditional “kumihimo” silk braid with your only-one design and colors, and complete it into your own bracelet, key fobs, or misangas! First choose your favorite design from two beginner- level patterns we prepared. Choose four color threads either by your own choice, or by our combination recommendation. Then we will help you to set the threads to the classic tool for braiding called “Marudai” (as you saw in the famous movie "Your name") and now you are ready! The kumihimo braid is created by moving the weighted spools of thread in a clock-wise fashion along the circular wooden board. The kumihimo is then produced through the center hole of this tool. Hosts will help you challenge how to braid for about 30-40minutes and gradually you may feel yourself like the anime heroine. Halfway, decide the length of braid by choosing which accessory you want to make, and finish your braid! Last step is to attach the parts for the accessory you have chosen. Make your own fantastic souvenir of Nara! (Please note that technically you cannot make exactly the same bracelet as in the movie...) Other things to note Delay for more than 30 minutes may be treated as unrefundable cancellation.
    Alkaen Hinta:27€/henkilö
  • ♒Learn Trad. Japanese ScarfDyeing
    Come and join us to learn the ancient tradition of Japanese Scarf Dyeing. We are experts in the traditional Japanese Dye called "Bengara". Bengara is the name of rust-type color made of red iron-oxide, and this dyes don’t fade, even in prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Traditionally in Japan, Bengara has been used for many types of materials in as house construction, coloring textiles and wooden handicrafts, etc. In our class, not only you can create your own colors and patterns, also you can select traditional colors from Nara era=around 8C (see the dye color sample chart). We are excited to have make your own fantastic scarf with us, and you can take it home! During this experience, we will share our own long experience of crafting with you as we guide you through each step amongst an enjoyable atmosphere with smiles.As we take you through each step, we will tell you about the knocks of actions for coloring , wringing, and drying, etc. as if you were in a cooking class! Although our English is not so fluent, you can ask us anytime when you are not sure as we are always happy to share our advice. We have much experience and love doing this with so many guests from around the world! Other things to note Normally your clothes will not get dirty by dye colors. Can also prepare for you an apron on request. Total time may become shorter or longer (max approx. 30minutes) depending on total # of guests.
    Alkaen Hinta:27€/henkilö