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Lisämaksujen periminen

If you manage 6 or more listings, you can add additional fees to your listing and collect them at the time of booking. These include:

  • Resort fees: For amenities or services provided by places within a resort or hotel
  • Linen fees: For linens and towels
  • Management fees: For general admin and business expenses
  • Community fees: For building, community, or homeowner association (HOA) fees for short-term rental properties

To add or change your standard fees

If you’d like to use this feature, you can sign up for professional hosting tools.

  1. Go to Your Listings
  2. Click Edit on the listing you’d like to update
  3. Go to the Pricing tab
  4. Next to Standard fees and charges click Edit
  5. Under Add a standard fee select the fee you want update
  6. Update the information and click Save

How they’re calculated

  • Resort, management, and community fees: A percentage of the nightly rate (calculated nightly) or a flat fee, fixed per booking
  • Linens fee: A flat fee, fixed per booking

The linens fee is added to the cleaning fee. All other fees are rolled into the nightly price for guests when they book. You’ll get a full rate breakdown in your payout report.

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